Top 5 Black Kitchen Faucet Reviews

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of black kitchen faucets? Expensive, right? While this may be true, there are plenty of affordable options out there that offers style and elegance while also performing the basic functions they’re intended to do.

Read on to learn more about what makes black kitchen faucets so great and how to choose the best black kitchen faucet for your home!

About Black Kitchen Faucet

Black kitchen faucet is a fixture in kitchens across America. It has been used for decades and its still a popular choice. A black kitchen faucet was first introduced in the 1930s.

The faucet was meant to be an update from a traditional white and chrome fixtures that were commonly found in kitchens at the time.

The company’s founder was inspired by a sleek design of American kitchens.

They wanted to create something that would match the aesthetics of modern kitchens from the United States. He thought of the black kitchen faucet as a way to give kitchens a sleek, modern look.

The popularity of the black kitchen faucet has continued to grow over time and is now considered one of the most iconic fixtures in any kitchen.

5 Best Black Kitchen Faucets In 2022

1) Moen 7594BL Arbor

Moen 7594BL Arbor

The Moen 7594BL Arbor is an aesthetically pleasing and functional product that is convenient for the consumer. The matte black finish of this cool model comes with a special finish that is designed to resist spots.

This means that you will spend much less time cleaning your faucet than ever before.

This is retractable and a flexible design approach makes sure that you get 1 or 3 holes installation configuration, and the head magnetically locks into place.

Another great feature of this faucet is its patented Power Boost spray. The pulldown design helps to make this model especially flexible and versatile.

The accompanying hose measures an impressive 68 inches. This will give you the reach you need to clean items in the bottom of the sink

  • Transitional style of the faucet and handle can complement any style.
  • Power Boost technology allows you to rinse dishes quickly and easily.
  • Fully ADA compliant.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Flex hose may leak after a few years and cause a mess.
  • The flow rate is a little low.

2) Delta Faucet Trinsic Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic is a smart choice for any homeowner that wants to add a little style to their home or give their kitchen a whole new look.

It will provide you a lot of additional features also, like AC adapter, touch 20 functions, it can also adjust handle manually, the size of the hose is 20 inch.

This model comes with Diamond Seal technology which eliminates the possibility of most leaks at the joints. An inner construction of brass makes this unit heavy and durable.

The installation is easy with Duramount mounting system. Matte black, LED lights and high-tech is what this faucet is all about.

  • Uniform black finish has a subtle shine that keeps it looking good.
  • Touch technology allows you to turn on water with a touch anywhere on spout.
  • Single handle lever controls both water flow and temperature.
  • Has ceramic Diamond Seal technology to prevent leaks and other malfunctions.
  • May need additional deck plate for three hole installation.
  • May start leaking internally after a few years.

3) Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden Commercial Kitchen FaucetKraus KPF-1610MB Bolden Kitchen Faucet is a commercial kitchen faucet that comes with features like a magnetic docking system, easy installation, and high durability.

The Kraus KPF-1610MB is an efficient and reliable faucet. This commercial kitchen faucet also comes with an inlet sprayer for convenience.

It has a stainless steel finish with an attractive design. This commercial faucet has a 16-inch spout and it comes with the Kraus KPF-1610MB control valve which allows users to adjust water flow and temperature.

The Kraus KPF-1610MB also has a 360° swivel spout which makes it easy for users to position the water stream where they need it most.

A commercial kitchen faucet has also been designed to provide convenience and efficiency for the professional chef.

This Kraus KPF-1610MB Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet is also made of brass and stainless steel with a polished finish that will last for years.

The model has a unique pull-down commercial design. The additional flexible hose should make it easy to move the hose where it is needed the most. For many people, they will find the model being highly versatile.

  • Striking appearance can add a flair of drama to any kitchen.
  • Retractable sprayer not only looks good, it also provides extra spray strength.
  • Lead-free materials and ceramic cartridges means this faucet is environment friendly.
  • Can fit underneath most standard kitchen cabinets despite soaring height.
  • This model is on the more expensive side.
  • Handle may swivel even after tightened and attached.

4) OWOFAN Black Grifos De Cocina Kitchen Faucet

OWOFAN Black Grifos De Cocina Kitchen FaucetThe Black Grifos De Cocina 9009R Kitchen Faucet by OWOFAN is an innovative faucet that has a touch-sensitive control panel that allows you to turn on and off the water with just a tap.

The faucet also has a high-performance aerator, which means it can be used for both hot and cold water.

This sleek design is sure to look great in any kitchen. The Black Grifos De Cocina 9009R Kitchen Faucet is an affordable fixture that can be used in any type of kitchen.

It comes in different finishes and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Faucet has a three-hole design which makes it easy to use and clean.

The pull-out spout is also helpful for cleaning purposes because it makes it easy to reach the sink’s drain pipe. It comes with a powerful spray head that can be used for both delicate and tough cleaning.

The faucet has also an advanced filter system that stops the water from getting contaminated by bacteria, mold, and rust while also removing chlorine from the water before it enters your home or business.

  • Single lever design makes for easy grasping when turning water on and off.
  • Modern design is complemented with the rubbed bronze finish.
  • Stainless steel detail adds some contrast to the otherwise black faucet.
  • Sprayer has two modes for convenience when washing or rinsing items.
  • No warranty on parts is included with this unit.
  • Finish may peel off if not cared for properly.

5) Pfister FWKP701B Shelton Kitchen Faucet

Pfister FWKP701B Shelton Kitchen FaucetPfister’s FWKP701B Shelton 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is a great addition to any home. It offers a contemporary design that looks great in any kitchen.

The faucet offers an easy way to clean your sink and comes with a powerful sprayer that can be used for rinsing dishes, washing vegetables, and more.

The faucet also features an aerator that can be used to remove the air bubbles from the water. The faucet is available in multiple finishes including stainless steel, brushed nickel, and black nickel finish.

This faucet has a modern design and comes with an integrated sprayer for easy cleaning. This faucet is made for people who want the best quality at an affordable price.

  • Can be easier to use for those with disabilities than other models.
  • Fewer leaking points mean a product that may last longer.
  • Uniform black finish lends a striking and modern look.
  • One of the top rated black kitchen faucet units for regulation compliance.
  • Lack of high arch may reduce space within sink.
  • Black finish may wear off in some spots.

Differences Between Traditional and Modern Kitchen Faucets

The kitchen faucet is one of the most important fixtures in the kitchen. It has a tremendous impact on how much water is used, how often it is used, and how well it performs.

The different types of faucets and their features will help you make an informed decision about which type of fixture to purchase for your home.

Traditional Faucet Differences:

  • The faucet has a lever-style fixture that you pulled to turn on or off the water.

  • It has a spout but a handle, and a valve controls the water flow.

  • The faucet is usually found in older homes or in bathrooms with low ceilings.

  • It is typically made of metal and plastic parts and can be difficult to install.

Modern Faucet Differences:

  • They are typically electronic valves that are activated with a push button or lever-style handle.

  • The faucet has a spout but an aerator, and a body controls the water flow.

  • The faucet is usually found in newer homes with high ceilings.

  • The faucet is typically made of metal or ceramic parts and can be easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need a Black Kitchen Faucet?

Black kitchen faucets are more versatile than their traditional counterparts.

Black kitchen faucets can be used in both contemporary and traditional kitchens, which is why they are a good option for homeowners who have both types of kitchens.

Are black faucets going out of style?

In the past, black faucets were considered to be a high-end product. However, the recent trend is that more and more people are opting for white faucets.

This trend may be due to the growing popularity of minimalist designs in interior decoration. White faucets are sleek and clean and can make any kitchen look like it was just built yesterday.

They also seem to fit with our desire for simplicity in our lives.

We cannot say that black faucets are going out of style because trends change all the time, but it is clear that they are not as popular as they used to be.

Can you have a black faucet with a stainless steel sink?

This is a question that has been asked by many people and it is not an easy answer to find.

A stainless steel sink can work with any color faucet and the same goes for a black faucet. The only thing that you need to be careful about is the finish of the sink.

If your stainless steel sink has a polished finish, then you should avoid using a black faucet as it will make it look dirty.

What is the price range for Black Kitchen Faucets?

Many people are looking for the price range for black kitchen faucets.

It is important to know that there are many different types of kitchen faucets, and the prices can vary greatly depending on what you’re looking for.

The prices of black kitchen faucets can range from $30 to over $1,000 depending on the brand, style, and features.

What finish faucet with black porcelain kitchen sink?

Firstly, there is black porcelain kitchen sink which is one of the most popular ones in the market. It looks very elegant and it will look great in any kitchen décor you have.

Another finish that you can consider is chrome which looks very modern and stylish. This finish will make your kitchen look even more luxurious than before.

You can also go with a nickel finish if you want something more traditional and classic looking. This one will work best with old-fashioned or vintage kitchen décor.

A stainless steel finish is also an option if you want a more durable and hard-wearing sink. This one also has a more industrial look which will work well in any setting.

There are many different color finishes that you can go with. The most popular ones include stainless steel, chrome and black porcelain.

How to get rid of black yuck on my kitchen faucet?

The black yuck is caused by minerals in your water. Minerals like calcium and magnesium react with the metal inside the faucet, causing a black substance to grow.

If you have hard water, it’s important to use filtered or distilled water. If you have softened water, then you need to use products that help remove these minerals from your tap water before using it.

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