The Best Pedestal Sinks for Your Bathroom


If you want more floor space in your bathroom, a pedestal sink is a great option. However, knowing which one to buy can be tricky. When shopping for a pedestal sink, there are several factors to consider such as size, height, material, color, shape, and style. To help you in your search for the best bathroom pedestal sinks, we have compiled a list of our top picks ranging in different styles and price points.

1. Kohler Veer 21″ Vitreous China Pedestal Combo Bathroom Sink

The Kohler Veer ceramic pedestal sink is perfect for those who desire a trendy yet uncomplicated style. It comes in either a 21-inch or 24-inch option and stands 35.5 inches high. The 4-inch deep basin has an overflow hole to allow air circulation and prevent accidents.

This sink has ample counter space on either side of the basin, making room for soap or other toiletries – something that not all space-saving sinks can boast. Most bathroom sinks require purchasing the faucet separately, and this one is no different.

Product Specs

  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Dimensions: 35.5 inches tall by 21 or 24 inches wide
  • Color/finish options: White
  • A hole in the overflow hole in the sink basin facilitates circulation and prevents spills
  • Ample space for toiletries on the side deck
  • The mounting hardware is included
  • There is only one color option, which may not suit all spaces


2. American Standard Edgemere Pedestal Sink

American Standard Edgemere Center Hole Pedestal Sink

The American Standard Edgemere pedestal sink is a beautiful, classic design that won’t break the bank. It’s affordably priced and made of fireclay, one of the most durable materials used in sinks–often found in more expensive models. With its robust build, decent shelf space and rear overflow, this sink is not only stylish but also highly functional.

This sink designed a bit taller than most pedestal sinks, is from American Standard’s Right Height series. This means that there is less crouching required. With dimensions of 35.63 inches in height and a 17.13-inch-wide bowl (25 inches wide total with counter space), it should fit most adults perfectly. Another great feature of this sink is that it comes in two different faucet configurations: center hole only or three-hole (4- or 8-inch).

Product Specs

  • Material: Fireclay
  • Dimensions: 35.63 inches tall by 17.13 inches wide
  • Color/finish options: White
  • A reasonable price
  • Side-deck space is adequate for storing items during use
  • The material is robust, similar to sinks of a higher price range
  • The faucet can be configured in several ways
  • Doesn’t have a lip around the shelving area, so water can easily run off the edge.


3. Barclay Stanford Pedestal Sink

Barclay Stanford Vitreous China Pedestal Sink

This Barclay pedestal sink is a perfect marriage of old-world charm and modern sensibilities. Its vitreous china composition, smooth angles, and elevated rim bring the best of Edwardian design into the 21st century. Complete the look with a tall bronze faucet for a more farmhouse feel, or go for a cleaner contemporary look with a stainless steel fixture.

The sink is available in white or bisque.Buyers also have the option to select from configurations for centerset, 4-inch, and 8-inch faucets.Available in a range of widths and heights, the sink makes a good fit for most bathroom types. This sink is 6 inches deep and has a U-shaped basin that helps prevent spills. It also includes an overflow hole to help keep your counters clean.

Product Specs

  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Dimensions: 8 sizes available
  • Color/finish options: White, bisque
  • Various heights to choose from
  • There are two options for faucet centers
  • Spill-proof rim and deep basin
  • Price-friendly
  • Some spaces may not be suitable for aesthetics


4. Renovators Supply Bohemia Glass Pedestal Sink

The Renovators Supply Bohemia Glass Pedestal Sink

This glass pedestal sink from Renovators Supply is a chic, modern alternative to traditional ceramic or vitreous china sinks. The red oak pedestal and tempered glass vessel create a polished, unique look that will give your bathroom a contemporary update.

The tempered-glass base below the sink conveniently catches spills and provides extra space for toiletries or other hanging items. Since the sink doesn’t have an overflow hole, this glass ledge comes in especially handy. A side-mounted bar also allows you to hang towels or any other desired item.

This beautiful sink includes shiny stainless steel fixtures, a sleek chrome faucet, and all the necessary supply lines. The basin itself is square with rounded corners, measuring 23.6 inches wide and 5 inches deep. From the top of the basin to the bottom of its pedestal, this sink measures 33 inches tall in total.

Product Specs

  • Material: Red oak and tempered glass
  • Dimensions: 33 inches tall by 23.6 inches wide
  • Color/finish options: Red oak and green glass
  • The faucet and supply lines are included
  • Modern and minimal, yet functional design
  • With mounted towel bar
  • Glass bowls are fragile and difficult to keep clean


5. American Standard Retrospect Pedestal Bathroom Sink

American Standard Retrospect Pedestal Bathroom SinkThe American Standard model is perfect for those who want a traditional look in their space-conscious bathroom. Crafted from fireclay, which is fired at extremely high temperatures, these sinks are incredibly durable.

At 36 inches tall and 27 inches wide, it’s just the right height to prevent back strain among adult users, but it may be too tall for small children to reach.

The sizeable bowl is 15.5 inches wide, 12 inches long, and just over 6 inches deep. The wide faucet deck allows for plenty of space to keep toiletries organized. Plus, the hidden front overflow hole prevents messy spills without taking away from the sink’s look.

Product Specs

  • Material: Fireclay
  • Dimensions: 36″ tall by 27 inches wide
  • Color/finish options: White


  • Fireclay construction
  • Large and deep basin with hidden front overflow
  • Ideal height for adults
  • Pricey
  • It may be too tall for young children


How to Pick the Perfect Pedestal Sink

Before investing in a pedestal sink, shoppers should consider size, materials, appearance, and installation difficulty. We explore these topics below in more detail.


Before you start shopping for a new pedestal sink, take some time to plan and measure the space where it will go. Keep in mind the location of your water supply so that you can be sure the lines will reach the sink.

Most “standard” bathroom pedestal sinks are 22-24 inches wide and 29-34 inches tall, which makes them the perfect size for small bathrooms. These bathroom sinks come up to about hip height on an adult. While most pedestal sinks don’t offer much surface area for bathroom items, some wider models include space for small items. Another thing to think about is the sink basin size and depth; these measurements will affect what size and style of faucet you can use.


There are three main types of pedestal sinks those made of porcelain, vitreous china, or fireclay. However, some modern designs feature tempered glass components. When choosing a sink, it is important to understand the distinctions between these materials:

  • Porcelain: The most common type of ceramic used for toilets and bathtubs, porcelain is typically the most affordable option. However, it is only moderately durable and may become stained or chip on impact.
  • Vitreous china: This is a glazing technique that gives porcelain an enamel coating, making it stronger and with a glossier finish. It’s not much more expensive than standard porcelain.
  • Fireclay: Fireclay is heated to high temperatures, making it stronger than porcelain or vitreous china. Although fireclay costs more upfront, it will last longer and maintain its value over time.
  • Tempered glass: This is a beautiful but fragile type of glass that’s often featured in the top parts of sinks, like the basin and ledge. It has a wood or metal base for support. Even though it looks lovely, the tempered glass may not be ideal if your bathroom gets lots of traffic or you have children at home.


When you’re renovating a bathroom, always keep the visual appeal in mind. A good way to do this is by choosing a pedestal sink that goes well with the existing fixtures in the bathroom. The shape and form of the sink are also important as they can help establish or reinforce the style of the bathroom.

If you’re looking for a modern take, consider choosing a glass sink basin with either a square or circular top. If you want to stick to more traditional designs, go for sinks with curved tops and narrow rectangular pedestals. Ultimately, the style you select should work well in the existing space or planned bathroom renovation.


Experienced do-it-yourselfers will have no problem installing a pedestal sink, as long as they have the necessary hardware and plumbing. Most sinks come with a bracket that attaches to a mounting brace or frame, which holds the basin in place. If you’re replacing an old pedestal sink, you may be able to use the existing brace or frame; otherwise, you’ll need to purchase these products separately. When in doubt, it’s always best to seek professional help for installation purposes.

While working on your bathroom sink, you may need to install a new drain, trap, or faucet. Note that many pedestal sinks do not come with a faucet–only predrilled holes for one–but think about choosing a 4-8 inch model.

Final Verdict

The Kohler Veer pedestal sink is our top recommendation for its glossy vitreous china finish, wide rim space, and various width choices. If you’re looking to save some money, the American Standard Edgemere pedestal sink will also serve you well without breaking the bank.