Undoubtedly The 6 Best Copper Kitchen Faucets of 2022

Copper kitchen faucets are becoming more and more popular in today’s home design. They’re an excellent way to make your sink stand out. Copper is an elegant metal that will add a sense of class to any home.

There is nothing more important than choosing the best copper kitchen faucet when redesigning your kitchen or simply replacing your current faucet. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which is best.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 6 best copper kitchen faucets and provide some tips on how to find the perfect one for your home. So if you are thinking of making a change in your kitchen, keep reading!

6 Best Copper Kitchen Faucets Review

Every copper kitchen faucet on the market seems very attractive. Yet based on our testing, not all of them are worth the money. Some are flimsy, while others are difficult to use. However, it is different when it comes to the ones on this list:



Although there are a lot of copper faucets out there, there aren’t that many with upgraded structures. Wondering what we mean by upgraded structures? Well, this particular offering from RULIA would be a good example of that concept.

Unlike other options, this one has a smooth swiveling mechanism. With that, you should have no trouble working with the head. You will also be able to take advantage of the 8.5 inches of reach that is provided. Additionally, the faucet measures 15.8 inches in height. This means that you’ll have plenty of clearance.

The unit comes with a pull-down mechanism as well. Due to its flexibility, it will allow you to increase the spray head’s overall range. The flow rate is 1.8 gallons per minute, and you can adjust it in two ways. It’s got a powerful pre-rinse spray function too.

  • Features a smooth swiveling mechanism
  • With a pull-down spray head
  • Features two different flow settings
  • Provides powerful pre-rinse spray
  • Excellent clearance and reach
  • It is possible for the spray button to jam sometimes
  • The spray button isn’t very leak-proof



What sets this product apart is the smooth swiveling mechanism. You can smoothly swivel the spray head without encountering any obstructions. Additionally, there are two flow modes.


KINGSTON KB726ALSPNot that fond of the single-handle faucets that are available in the market? Want to get yourself something that will make it easier to control the temperature of the water? Take a look at what Kingston is offering here.

As we have mentioned earlier, this faucet comes with two handles. With those, it will be easier for you to control the overall temperature of the water flowing through the head. The construction is of high-quality material as well. For that reason, the unit achieves a solid all-around build quality.

Alongside that, the unit comes with a gooseneck swivel spout. Thanks to the spout height of 10.81 inches, you will be capable of carrying out most of the sink-related tasks with full efficiency. The water flow rate is 1.8 GPM, which is up to the mark. You will get a good pressure for the water flow rate all the time.

  • Comes with two handles
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Features a gooseneck swivel spout
  • Offers a good clearance
  • The flow rate is 1.8 GPM
  • The included sprayer is a bit finicky
  • It might not come with cold and hot water supply lines



The fact that this faucet has two different handles that work exceptionally well amazed us. You will be capable of totally controlling the temperature of the water with those.

3. Akicon One-Handle Pull Down

Akicon One-Handle Pull Down

Are you looking for a faucet that will give you full access to your sink? You may want to check out this product from Akicon.

One of the things that makes this faucet stand out is the swivel spout. You can rotate the head 360 degrees to get full access to your sink. There are two different pull-down spray settings, too. You won’t have to worry about dripping with the premium cartridge.

The water pressure is also at the right level. The flow rate is 1.8 GPM. Additionally, you can use most of your kitchen utensils and kitchenwares with the spout height of 7.25 inches. It measures 21 inches high and has a maximum deck thickness of 1-1/4 inches.

  • Has a Hi-Arc swivel spout
  • Rotates to a complete 360 degrees
  • Comes with a pull-down mechanism
  • Boasts two different spray functions
  • Offers a good water flow rate
  • The head does not extend too far
  • It might ship with defective parts



The Hi-Arc swivel spout allows you to completely control your sink. Additionally, it has a pull-down mechanism, which will allow you to work with the spray head with complete flexibility.

4. Akicon Single Handle Pull-Down with Spring Spout

Akicon Single Handle Pull-Down with Spring Spout

There are many copper faucets out there, but there are only a handful that are both leak-free and corrosion-proof at the same time. And this faucet from Akicon is one of the few that meet both criteria.

Despite the fact that it is leak-free, it is the ceramic cartridge that has made it possible. Furthermore, the cartridge exceeds industry standards when it comes to durability, so you can expect it to deliver leak-free performance for a prolonged period of time. In addition, it comes with a high-arc style spout, so you can make the most of your sink space.

Apart from that, the general construction of the product is durable and made of high-quality materials. Additionally, it has a lead-free design and is highly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Furthermore, it has dual function buttons on the spray head.

Also, its flow rate is 1.8 gallons per minute, and the height of the spout is 7.5 inches. Moreover, the maximum deck thickness of the unit is 1-3/4 inches, depending on the support that is used.

  • Features a leak-free cartridge
  • Has a high-arc spout
  • Made of durable material
  • Lead-free and resistant to corrosion
  • Can resist high temperatures as well
  • The spray head does not extend that much
  • It might come with damaged installation hardware



It comes with a leak-free cartridge and is highly corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it leaking or its copper exterior fading. Also, its high-arc design can provide you with a wide range of flexibility when working with the faucet.

5. Akicon Pull-Down Copper Kitchen Faucet

Akicon Pull-Down Copper Kitchen Faucet


This is the latest offering from Akicon. If you’re on the lookout for a faucet that offers an industrial and classic look at the same time, you should consider it.

The first thing that makes this offering stand out is its design. It combines both classic and industrial elements. This will definitely enhance the look of your kitchen sink. Moreover, a high-arc opening allows you to work with the faucet with full flexibility.

Additionally, it has two sprayer functions and a pull-down spray head. Its overall construction is also pretty solid. The product is lead-free and highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Also, it can flow at 1.8 GPM. The overall height of this faucet is 21 inches, while the spout height is 8-3/8 inches.

  • Features a unique design
  • Comes with a high-arc opening
  • Has two sprayer functions
  • Boasts a pull-down spray head
  • Lead-free and highly durable
  • Not very leak-proof
  • The exterior finish is not very scratch-resistant



This faucet has a very attractive design that makes it stand out a lot. Additionally, the sprayer allows you to open the high-arc opening with complete flexibility.

6. Akicon Single – Hole Pull Down Sprayer

Akicon Single - Hole Pull Down SprayerThe most common problem with faucets is leaks. Apparently Akicon has had enough of that. That is why they have integrated a unique feature into this offering.

It is equipped with a ceramic cartridge. The device is exceptionally durable and drip-free. This prevents the spray head from leaking. In addition, it is made from lead-free materials. This means that water coming through the pipe will be safe.

Moreover, it features a high-arch swivel neck. With this feature, the head can swivel 360 degrees. The hose is retractable and measures 14 inches long. The body has a corrosion-resistant surface and will last for a long time. Also, it has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM, a height of 16 inches, and a spout height of 8-1/4 inches.

  • Comes with a drip-free ceramic cartridge
  • Made of lead-free material
  • Has a swivel neck
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Features a retractable hose
  • Not that resistant to chipping
  • It might ship with missing items

What to Look for Before Buying Copper Kitchen Faucets

It is important to keep a few things in mind before spending your money on any of the available units. When you take those into consideration, your chances of getting something worth your money are reasonable. Let’s point out what those factors are:

Finish Quality

Copper faucets come in different quality even though they all have copper finishes. If you buy something that has a low-grade finish, you will notice chipping, fading, and blemishes pretty quickly. Those with a high-quality finish are the best.

Installation Process

Next, consider the installation procedure, especially if you plan to install the faucet yourself. It would be best to select the ones that come with all of the installation hardware and have a simple installation process. This way, you won’t have to deal with too much hassle.

Leak Resistance

You should take into consideration whether the faucet is leak-resistant or not. To determine this, you should check the cartridge. If the faucet does not have the right cartridge, it will leak. When the faucet leaks, you waste water and your countertop gets messy.


You should also consider the durability of the faucet. To do so, you will have to consider the construction material. There are three types of copper units available: those with copper finishes on the exterior and those without. However, they will not be made of copper. Instead, they will be made of brass or some other type of material.

Now, the higher the quality of the material, the higher the level of durability will be. If you are dealing with something that does not have a proper durability level, you cannot expect it to last for a very long time.

Dual Functions

There are copper kitchen faucets with two modes of water flow. You may think that the second mode is not useful, but it will at some point. That is why we recommend checking those faucets with multiple functions before buying.


Another crucial factor you should consider is the design of the faucets. This will determine whether the faucet on the sink will look out of place or if it will blend in with the aesthetics. This is why you should consider design when purchasing a copper faucet for your kitchen.


Do you still have questions about copper kitchen faucets? Well, here are some things people usually ask, which can help clarify your doubts:

What makes copper faucets unique?

As a matter of fact, copper faucets are incredibly beautiful and retro. When you walk into your kitchen, the high-end model will not fail to catch your eye.

Do copper faucets scratch easily?

Copper is a relatively durable material. However, scratches are still possible. This means you should be a little cautious when handling the kitchen faucet.

Are copper faucets resistant to tarnishing?

One of the disadvantages of using a copper faucet is that you will need to maintain it more often. Copper faucets might tarnish over time if they are not maintained regularly.

Do copper kitchen faucets turn green?

Eventually, the copper exterior can turn green when it is continuously exposed to the minerals left by running water. You won’t need to worry about corrosion if you choose ones that have a corrosion-resistant finish.

Are copper kitchen faucets easy to maintain?

Copper faucets are more difficult to maintain than brushed nickel ones. It will be necessary to conduct regular maintenance to keep the shiny appearance.

Final Words

Your kitchen sink will look elegant and exquisite when you install one of the best copper kitchen faucets. We can guarantee you that each of the models in our list will not disappoint you. We encourage you to pick anyone from our list without any hesitation instead of wasting your time.

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