Restoration Hardware Faucets: Who Makes Them and How They’re Made

When it comes to Restoration Hardware faucets, there are a lot of questions about who makes them and how they’re made. People want to know if they’re buying a quality product, and whether or not the company is reputable. In this blog post, we will answer those questions and give you some insight into the manufacturing process behind these popular faucets.

When you’re browsing through Restoration Hardware’s online or physical store, it’s hard to resist the attractive modern finishes and sleek designs. You might be tempted to press “Place Order” on an unexpectedly pricey faucet – but before doing so, take a moment for thorough research!

Key Points:

  • Restoration Hardware is reticent about the exact origins of its faucets, yet it appears likely that parts are being sourced from countries including China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.
  • After doing extensive research, I have discovered that Restoration Hardware does not provide any warranty for its faucets.
  • Restoration Hardware faucets may seem costly, but members can take advantage of discounts of up to 25% on full-priced items for an even better deal!

Let’s dive into the depths of who manufactures Restoration Hardware faucets, where they make them, and if it is worth investing in.

Where Are Restoration Hardware Faucets Made?

Restoration Hardware may not always make their production sources public, but they do reveal that many of its faucets are assembled in Germany. What’s more, it seems that these components are then put together at a work site located in California. Yet despite this remarkable level of detail and transparency, there is still no information provided regarding the origins of all material parts used to create the final product – likely due to security reasons.

As many faucet companies have resorted to outsourcing the production and assembly of their products to Asian manufacturing facilities, likely, Restoration Hardware has also followed suit. Generally, components for these fixtures are manufactured in China, Taiwan, or Indonesia before being imported into the U.S., with some brands completely outsourcing the entire process by simply rebranding foreign-made faucets under their own name.

Who Makes Restoration Hardware Faucets?

When it comes to researching the maker of Restoration Hardware faucets, there is a limited amount of information. Nevertheless, we can affirm that who manufactures your RH faucet depends on its model. Several of Restoration Hardware’s fixtures are crafted and put together by Brasstech; however, this isn’t true for all their products.

Restoration Hardware utilizes Fluhs Drehetchnik, a German company renowned for its skilled machining, as the source of the ceramic disc valves within their faucets. This is about all that can be known however; Restoration Hardware keeps tight-lipped on further details related to production and manufacturing. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if RH would look into outsourcing parts of the process to Asian countries to reduce costs – this tactic has become extremely common among contemporary faucet manufacturers.

Are Restoration Hardware Faucets Any Good?

To help determine if a Restoration Hardware faucet suits your home’s needs, we have broken down the answer into various sections: quality, pricing, warranty coverage, design aesthetics, technology features, customer support as well as customer reviews. After all, is said and done though — for some people these fancy fixtures might provide the perfect finishing touch to complement their bathrooms; while others may be dissuaded by their high-cost tags or lack of warranties.


Sadly, Restoration Hardware does not have a customer review system on its website which makes it difficult to determine the superiority of their products. To fix this problem, we conducted extensive research including reviews from Consumer Affairs, Yelp, and Trustpilot where there were only a few positive comments about faucets.

Despite the initial appearance of a high-quality product, one consumer’s review of this wall-mount handheld shower system revealed a peeling finish and discoloration. With only limited customer reviews available, it is difficult to provide an informed assessment of the product.


If you’re not a member of Restoration Hardware, be prepared to spend anywhere from $1,000 or more for its faucets. Fortunately, sales can often lead to massive price drops that make it much easier on the wallet – but no guarantees!

Restoration Hardware isn’t cheap, but it offers a lucrative membership program that makes frequent flying much more affordable. For just $175 annually (as of January 2023), you can enjoy all the perks that come with being a member – including a 25% discount on full-priced items and an astonishing 20% off sale items! So jump onboard Restoration Hardware’s membership train to save money and take advantage of their excellent deals today.


Unfortunately, Restoration Hardware does not seem to offer any warranties on its faucets. After scouring several of its listings online, we could not uncover any warranty documentation. Typically when you purchase a product from a brand’s website, it includes details about the item’s warranty length, terms and conditions for filing a claim, etc. Unfortunately, this was not an option with Restoration Hardware faucets.

Restoration Hardware dedicates a portion of their website to documenting the return policy for customers. Within the thirty days after delivery, you can exchange or return your faucet; however, there are conditions and exclusions that may apply.


You won’t be disappointed by the elegance of Restoration Hardware’s faucet range. Their products boast modern designs, sleek outlines, and sophisticated touches. Like many other renowned brands in this industry, they have several varied collections to offer including Lambeth, Modern, and Lugarno selections that will surely satisfy any desires you might have when it comes to adding something special to your bathroom décor.

Restoration Hardware’s broad range of bathroom faucets ensures that all customers can find a design to meet their tastes. Not only do they provide kitchen, bath, and utility faucets like most other brands, but each collection is designed with its own unique aesthetic creating an array of options for clients. Furthermore, the products come in collections allowing customers to purchase various accessories such as towel bars, showerheads, and more for full coordination purposes.


Despite their luxurious prices and contemporary styling, Restoration Hardware does not offer any of the cutting-edge techy faucets that many industry leaders provide. Touchless, voice-activated, and touch features are all unavailable at RH; only manual taps can be found there. Therefore if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line voice or touchless faucet to match your modern aesthetic, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Customer Service

As we scoured through countless customer feedback, we noticed that the responses concerning Restoration Hardware’s client service were blended. It appears as if the quality of their service relies on geographic location; some clients have commended courteous and helpful reps while others reported arrogant and haughty behavior from a few representatives.

Though there are several reviews indicating discontentment with the customer service representatives, the overall conclusion is that customers seem to be both satisfied and dissatisfied.

Customer Reviews

Moen, Kohler, and Delta are three well-known industry brands with a review system available on their websites; however, Restoration Hardware does not have such an option. Without the ability to give feedback on products, potential customers cannot use this feature as part of their decision-making process. We researched reviews from Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp to find that opinions differ greatly depending on store location – while some stores had plenty of positive ratings others were rated much less favorably.

After we researched customer reviews of Restoration Hardware, it became clear that opinions were divided. Though most feedback revolved around other products from the company, there was a mix of positive and negative points to be made. Some people praised their return policy as well as product quality, while others expressed dissatisfaction with customer service and the lackluster nature of some items.