Kohler Vs Moen: Which Is Better?

Moen and Kohler are both well-known names in the faucet industry, so choosing between these two brands can seem overwhelming at first. Both of these brands make high-quality products that should last you decades, but when it comes to design and function, they’re each unique in their own way. If you’re looking to replace your faucet, read on to find out which brand will give you the best experience!

Brief History of Moen

Moen is  popular brand that has been established in the market for a long time. Alfred Moen, who founded Moen in 1937, was the inventor of the “one-hand tap”. This uniquely designed tap was one of the key inventions of the plumbing world at the time.

But here is an interesting history behind his innovation. One day Alfred was accidentally almost scalded by the hot water flowing from a two-handed tap.

After this incident, he realized the need for a one-handed tap and was inspired to create this tap. It took Alfred Moen 10 years to confirm the final design, after which Moen successfully began producing one-handed taps for consumers.

Moen quickly archived its reputation worldwide by introducing many other tap designs to the market. Not just for your kitchen and bathroom, Moen also produces a wide range of plumbing fixtures for your everyday needs. Their products are also known for their long-lasting functionality.

Brief History of Kohler

Kohler is a brand that has long ruled the market with its quality products. John Michael Kohler was the founder of Kohler and he established the company in 1873.

Kohler initially launched its services by manufacturing various types of agricultural machinery. But as time went on and the company grew rapidly, they began to focus on many other different products and categories.

Soon, Kohler Co. began manufacturing plumbing products such as – faucets, sink showers, bathtubs, and other plumbing materials. And today, they are one of the top manufacturers of plumbing products in the world. Kohler has strengthened their business by establishing nearly 36,000 associations around the world and providing you with high-quality plumbing products.

Comparison Of The Features Of Moen vs Kohler

Identifying Moen and Kohler differences


Moen specializes in faucets and offers a wide variety of products to choose from. They are known to have a wide range of finishes, giving homeowners more options than other major brands. Furthermore, they tend to be much less expensive than the best-known luxury brands.

Moen, a privately owned company focused on quality products with a lifetime guarantee, uses bronze for its sinks, showers, toilets and bathtubs. Bronze is a metal known for being less energy-intensive to produce than steel and it can also be found in Moen’s fancier fixtures that are not available in other brands. Moen also focuses on luxury fixtures with their recent focus on kitchen sinks.


Kohler will feature resistance to both discoloration and corrosion, major selling points from a durability standpoint. If you are looking to invest in a faucet that will stand the test of time, then you need to look no further than Kohler.

Kohler focuses on providing high-quality products at affordable prices and has an affordable pricing strategy that has helped the company stay profitable. Kohler uses steel which requires more energy to produce than bronze and is a publicly owned company. Kohler manufactures kitchen faucets as well as bathroom faucets.

Finishes & Designs

There’s no point in comparing two brands if you aren’t going directly into its products. That’s what we’re doing here – comparing both finishes and designs each brand offers:

  • Kohler

Kohler is known for designing beautiful faucets and taps, with their sleek designs and high-quality finishes. Their products are functional and durable, with a variety of shapes and designs to suit all kinds of decorating needs.

  •  Moen

Moen is a well-known brand in the plumbing and home goods industry. They design beautiful faucets and taps with their sleek designs and high-quality finishes, but also have a variety of shapes and designs to suit all kinds of decorating needs. Their products are functional and durable, with a variety of finishes to match your current style.

Sensor Technologies

Most faucets nowadays come with sensors or touchless systems, and both Kohler and Moen differ exponentially here.

  • Kohler

Kohler’s new Response sensor technology helps you get one step ahead of the game by helping you save water. The sensor is built right into the faucet, so there’s no need for complicated installation. It detects when a hand or any other object is placed below and resists water flow until the detection signal is released. This way, you can save water while still being able to turn the faucet on or off without bending down.

  • Moen

Which commonly uses two sensors for extra effectiveness. It works similarly to Kohler, yet this one tends to be way more precise and fast. By simply placing a hand, dish, or object below the spout, it will activate the sensor, and water will come out instantly.

Spray Features

To have an efficient and convenient faucet, you need to invest in a spray head that has the ability to spurt water in as many directions as possible. This will ensure that the water is distributed evenly throughout your sink. You won’t like an inefficient faucet that only sprays in one way, but you will want something as versatile, efficient convenient as possible.

  • Kohler

Kohler faucets tend to have a variety of spray settings that make them very versatile and capable of effectively completing a range of tasks. You can save water, clean more effectively, or simply rinse foods if needed with all the different spray settings Kohler offers.

  • Moen

There are several different features to consider when it comes to Moen faucets, but efficiency, convenience and versatility are what they all have in common. There are multiple spray settings to choose from, even a spray-less setting so you can use the water that is already on your sink for other tasks

Installation between Moen and Kohler

Installing a faucet between Moen and Kohler is a relatively easy task, but it does require some preparation beforehand. Creating easy-to-follow instructions for the installation of a faucet and an entire box of materials to complete the kit that you can find in your local hardware store is helpful.

Kohler produces excellent customer service – they typically provide their customers with a complete installation kit equipped with everything you’ll need for installation. Moen falls behind in this aspect, as they typically provide fewer items that are required for an installation.

Despite that, Moen sinks designed specifically for the bathroom and kitchen can usually be installed without much effort. Kohler is the easiest to install, with their included instructions manual and supply kit.

Product Range Kohler vs. Moen

A comparison of the products from Kohler and Moen would be a good way to compare the latest innovations in faucet manufacturing and decide which brand is more suited for your needs. Both companies have a wide variety of options including pull-out, touchless, spreaders, center set, regular, and so much more.

Whether you like classic or modern kitchen designs, these brands offer a wide variety of selections to choose from. Complement your aesthetic choice with these finishes that are varied and found to be aesthetically pleasing for the modern kitchen.

Moen and Kohler differences in terms of Price and Quality

Moen and Kohler are two of the most popular brands of kitchen faucets, both made with solid brass fixtures. However, the Moen is more than twice as expensive as the Kohler.

Moen is known for its high quality and durability, while Kohler offers an appealing option for those who are looking to save money on their next purchase of a faucet.

The Moen brand is known for having a higher price point and is often seen as the more high-quality, durable option. The Kohler brand has a lower price point that attracts those looking to save a few dollars while still receiving an excellent quality product.

Choosing the Correct Moen or Kohler Kitchen Sink Faucet for Your Needs

With so many different brands and models, it can be hard to determine which one is the best for your needs. Here are some tips on how to choose the correct Moen or Kohler Kitchen Sink Faucet for your needs.

Moen and Kohler are two of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to kitchen sinks. They offer a wide selection of faucets that can meet your needs in terms of style, function, and price.

There are a few things you should consider before making a purchase decision:

  1. The type of sink you have.
  2. What type of faucet you want (handles or sprayer).
  3. How much space you have on your sink.
  4. Whether or not you have a garbage disposal.
  5. The depth of the faucet.
  6. Whether or not you want to install your faucet on a deck, in a tub, or under a countertop.
  7. The cost of installing the faucet yourself.

Final Verdict

When it comes down to Moen vs. Kohler, we ultimately decided that the winner was Kohler. While Moen has some impressive features, they are also a newer brand with a less-prestigious reputation in the market. Despite being an older company that is known for delivering high-quality goods, they have been overshadowed by their newer competitor.

But still, the Kohler’s simple and durable designs, its practical touchless sensors, and its fantastic spraying make it one of the top picks for your home.

Although Moen is an excellent choice, it is not the only brand worth considering. Kohler is another one to consider. It also offers a number of styles and finishes that are on par with Moen’s quality, but less expensive. Overall, though, both brands are a great deal and can be used for most tasks in the home.

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