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The Kingston Brass Faucet is a beautifully crafted faucet that provides the perfect mix of high quality and affordable price. This faucet comes in a variety of finishes and can be installed in your home or commercial location.

This product has been manufactured to last for years and provide you with the best water pressure for your sink. The brass material is also easy to maintain and will not corrode over time.g.

Below, we’ve listed best-rated products in 2022 to help you on your way when picking from their extensive product line!

Brief History

Kingston Brass is a California-based plumbing/kitchen and bath fittings manufacturing company that was founded back in 1998. Since its beginning, the company has focused on developing some of the best faucets in today’s market, and has done so by creating affordable, high-quality faucets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long lasting.

7 Best Kingston Brass Faucets

1) Kingston Brass KS213ORB Victorian Faucet

Kingston Brass KS213ORB Victorian FaucetKingston Brass KS213ORB Victorian Faucet is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It has two handles that provide an easy use of the faucet spout has has a 7-inch reach and can be swiveled left and right.

Since you’re mounting the faucet on a wall, you’ll have plenty of space in the sink and you can easily fit there big pots and pans. The faucet is equipped with a ceramic cartridge. It ensures the flawless performance of the faucet for years to come.

  • Victorian faucets are more suitable for an old-fashioned style bathroom.
  • They provide a more classic look and feel.
  • They are often less expensive than their contemporary counterparts.
  • Victorian faucets can be difficult to install and maintain, which is not always worth the effort.
  • Contemporary fixtures tend to be more high tech and sleek, which may not suit everyone’s tastes.


2) Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS Heritage

Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS HeritageThe Kingston Brass KS1271ALBS Heritage is a classic polished chrome faucet with a classic all-brass construction that will last for generations. With a timeless look and beautifully crafted, this kitchen faucet is an ideal addition to any kitchen.

The bridge-shaped spout is designed to be swiveled 360 degrees for ease of use in any sink application, and it provides convenience and comfort. The faucet also comes with a side sprayer, adding to the functionality of this unit. The faucet requires an 8-inch spread, 4-hole installation with 3 holes for the faucets itself and 1 hole for the side

  • It is easy to clean, maintain, and store.
  • It has a rust-resistant finish that won’t chip or peel off easily.
  • It has a beautiful design that will make your kitchen look more elegant.
  • The price tag is on the higher side as compared to other products in its category.


3) Kingston Brass KS3198NML Magellan faucet

Kingston Brass KS3198NML Magellan faucetMagellan faucet is a beautiful faucet that has been designed with both function and form in mind. It has a sleek design with a touch of brass that makes it look like an expensive piece of art. The curvy spout reaches up 8.75-inches, giving you plenty of room for placing under. The faucet has a bulky cookware.

The faucet features three different water flow settings, which includes high, medium and low. The high setting is perfect for people who have hard water while the medium setting is more suited for those who have soft water. The low setting is perfect for people with well water or just want to conserve water.

The KS3198NML also comes with a long-lasting ceramic disc cartridge that helps ensure your faucet lasts a long time without having to worry about replacing it every few years.

  • It has a sleek and modern design that is easier to clean than other faucets.
  • It has a self-cleaning mechanism that keeps it from getting clogged up with mineral deposits.
  • Its spray pattern is more concentrated and consistent than other faucets.
  • Some consumers have complained about the material on the handles being flimsy.

4) Kingston Brass KS4461BX Metropolitan Faucet

Kingston Brass KS4461BX Metropolitan FaucetThe Kingston Brass KS4461BX Metropolitan Faucet has a beautiful design and an elegant finish. Its spout is designed in such a way that the water flows smoothly through the spout into the basin. The faucet also has an aerator, which can be used to adjust the water pressure.

This faucet has sturdy, reliable construction. It is made of brass and has a chrome finish. It also has a single hole spout and lever handles with a polished nickel finish. As for the installation, the KS4461BX mounts on a 3-hole bathroom sink. You can choose the spread between 8″ to 16″.

  • The faucet is made of high quality brass and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The faucet has an adjustable temperature range from 40°F – 120°F for maximum water temperature control.
  • List ItemThe faucet can be easily turned on and off with just one hand.
  • The handle is not as sturdy as it should be, which can make it difficult to hold onto the faucet when turning it on or off.


5) Kingston Brass KS1278TALBS Tudor

Kingston Brass KS1278TALBS TudorKingston Brass KS1278TALBS Tudor Kitchen Faucet is perfect for vintage decors with a traditional bridge faucet styling. This faucet comes with a single-hole design that will allows you to install, in any kitchen sink. The spout reach is 8-¾ inches, which give maximum coverage for filling sink pots, pans, or other large utensils.

The single-hole design also has a sprayer that comes with an aerator, which increases the flow of water. This faucet is a low-arc and can be used for both cold and hot water. The faucet features a tall spout and is perfect for vintage decors with the traditional bridge faucet styling.

It also includes a matching brass side sprayer for an extra cleaning power and convenience. It’s a bold lever handles that can clean geometry and can give a  final touches to this classic kitchen faucet.

  • Made with high quality materials that will last longer.
  • Has a variety of finishes to choose from, including polished nickel, polished brass, and hammered brass.
  • Has an adjustable leveler to ensure the item is level no matter how uneven your floors are.
  • May be difficult to install unless you are good with your hands.


6) Kingston Brass Continental Kitchen Faucet

Kingston Brass Continental Kitchen FaucetThe Kingston Brass Continental Kitchen Faucet is a must-have for any modern kitchen. The faucet has a 8-inch spout that makes it easy to fill large pots and pans. The sleek contemporary design and integrated sprayer make this faucet easy to use and very stylish.

It’s a pull-down and a 360-degree rotating swivel making it more easy to reach all areas of the sink. This is a single-hole faucet that adjusts with a single- or three-hole system. To cover other holes, it has a deck plate. The single handle makes use easy and provides sophistication to use.

  • It is a high quality product that is made to last.
  • It has a sleek design that will look good in any kitchen or bathroom.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It comes with an attractive price tag for such a quality product.
  • The installation process could be difficult for some people because it requires professional installation, which might not be feasible for some people on a budget


7) Kingston Brass Lavatory Bathroom Faucet

Kingston Brass Lavatory Bathroom FaucetKingston Brass Lavatory Bathroom Faucet is a faucet that offers the perfect blend of form, function and design. A dual-color tone gives a premium look to this Kingston bathroom faucet. A combination of gold and chrome finish gives an attractive look and made of brass for durability and will not corrode or tarnish.

It has a two-handle that is useful for controlling the temperature and water pressure. They have a small in size but you can easily hold them in your hand and turn it on or off. This Kingston brass faucet is a 3-hole faucet with an 8-inch faucet featuring an adjustable center and a hot and cold handle.

  • Improves hygiene and prevents bacteria build-up
  • Provides more control over water flow
  • Helps reduce energy consumption by reducing unnecessary showering and running taps
  • Harder to clean surfaces that are not smooth

How to install a Kingston brass faucet?

Installing a Kingston brass faucet is one of the most common DIY projects that people do. We will walk you through the process of installing a Kingston brass faucet.

Installation of a Brass Faucet

Step 1: Prepare your sink for installation by making sure that it is clean and dry. If you’re unsure how to clean your sink, use a solution of mild soap and water to get rid of any dirt or residue.

Step 2: Turn off the water at your sink’s main valve using your hand or wrench and drain the excess water from the sink. You can also turn off the power to your faucet if you want to prevent any accidental flooding.

Step 3: Unscrew the old mounting screws from your sink’s mounting plate using either a screwdriver or a wrench. It should take you less than 10 minutes to do this. There are typically three mounting screws that hold your sink in place.

Step 4: Carefully align the mounting plate on top of the faucet using both hands, and then screw it into place using your hand-held screwdriver or wrench. Make sure that you’re applying pressure evenly with your tool so that you don’t strip the threads.

Step 5: Once you’ve screwed in the mounting plate and turned on the water to make sure everything’s flowing smoothly, start placing your new faucet into place. Hold onto it firmly, making sure that your arms are directly under where the handles of both faucets will be once they’re in place.

Reach your hands under the sink, and bring both handles of your new faucet up to where they’ll be once you’re done with installation.

Step 6: Take the water hose that’s still connected to your old faucet and remove it, then connect the end of the hose to one of the holes in your new mounting plate using a screwdriver or wrench. The hole in the plate should be facing up.

Step 7: Attach the handle of your new faucet to your mounting plate just like you did with the old one, making sure that you tighten it down tightly so that water pressure doesn’t leak out. Use the same tool that you used with your old faucet to tighten down both handles firmly.

Step 8: Turn on your faucet. It should spurt water, and if it doesn’t, turn it back off and check to make sure that you’ve done everything correctly. If so, then turn the handle of your new faucet all the way down and tighten it with your hand. This will tighten up the connection between the water valve and hose and stop the leak.

Step 9: Take the water hose that’s still connected to your new faucet, turn it on and run water into the sink. If you get a steady stream of water from your new faucet, you’ve successfully installed it!

Step 10: After you’re done with installation, replace your old faucet with a trash can and clean up any remaining mess.

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Kingston Brass faucets are some of the best and most recognized currently available on the market, giving you superb performance and great aesthetics each and every time you enter your kitchen. Utilize these Kingston brass faucet reviews throughout your buying process.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kingston brass faucets solid brass?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they’re deciding to buy a faucet. Some people believe that brass faucets are solid brass and some believe they are not. If you want to find out if your faucet is made of solid brass, you can do the following:

– Take a magnet and hold it near the spout of the faucet. If the magnet will stick, then it is likely that your faucet is made of solid brass.

– You can also use a pair of pliers to pull on one of the handles on your faucet and see if it bends or breaks off. The handle should be able to stay attached to the rest of the fixture, which means that it is likely that your fixture is made of solid brass.

– You can also test the spout of your faucet, which should be smooth and not feel rough or abrasive against your skin if it is made of solid brass.

Is Kingston Brass compatible with Delta?

Delta is a brand of faucets and water filters. They produce a range of high-quality products that are popular among their customers. However, there is a question whether the Kingstons are compatible with Delta faucets.

The Kingstons are not compatible with Delta faucets, but they are compatible with most brands on the market. The Kingstons have been tested to be compatible with brands like MoenKohler, and American Standard.

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