How To Unclog A Shower Drain? [Easy Step-By-Step Guide]

What if you enter to take a shower bath and the water gets stuck and does not pass from the drain? What if you have to stand in the water while taking a shower?

You might end up getting late for your important meeting, or you might not be able to freshen up, and it might spoil your entire mood. If the water does not pass easily from the drain, or if you have to stand in water while showering, what does that mean?

A shower drain clogs it is! The question might arise, what is a shower drain clog? It means some substances do not let the water pass on or exit properly.

This might happen due to dirt substances, hair, lint, grease, or bath products such as soap/shampoo or detergent remains. Else, water minerals or some blockage in the underground pipes can also clog the shower drain.

The shower drain often tempers people and irritates them. This article will clear your hesitation and grant you the steps to unclog a shower drain. The first thing that might arise in your mind might be calling a plumber.

However, ask yourself, is it necessary? This article will clear your question. It is not necessary to call a plumber. You can simply eliminate the cost involved in paying a plumber with some easy steps.

Here’s a genuine guide that will help you to clear your query on “how to unclog a shower drain”.

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Simple Steps On “How To Unclog A Shower Drain”

  • First, remove the drain cap to get access to the drain. To remove the cover, a screwdriver will fulfill the need. Often, the dirt might get stuck to the drain cap, and the problem gets solved there only.
  • Make use of gloves to remove it with the hands. However, if not, look underneath the drain for the material that is obstructing for the water to pass on either with a flashlight or torch.
  • You might see some dirt particles or hairs. Remove that as they might be blocking the drain. If the stumbling block substance is not visible directly, you may use few methods mentioned below in this article.
  • This easy to follow steps will help you unclog the shower drain without spending a huge amount. The easiest and cheapest way is by pouring hot water on the drain. Open the drain screen and let the hot water run through the drain.
  • If the dirt particles are visible, simply pull them out with fingers or a hanger attached with a hook to pull them. Later, pour some more water and check if the clog is cleared.
  • Simply if pouring the hot water does not work, use the natural chemicals as alternatives. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda into the cup of hot water and pour the same into the drain.
  • Wait for an hour and later, rerun hot water to see the results. You will probably be able to unclog the shower drain. Further, Plunger and a plumber’s snake are the two techniques that can be used for unclogging the shower drain. With a plunger, insert the same into the drain with a rubber cup and move it up and down rapidly.
  • This movement provides a force to the shower drain clog and helps to unclog the same. In the case of the plumber’s snake, insert the snake and turn it continues to catch the dirt.
  • You will be able to feel the aversion while cleaning. Later, turn the tool in the opposite direction and eliminate the dirt once it is removed. Run hot water through the drain after every step to check test that the clog is completely cleared and replace the drain cover properly.

Final Words

No one wants to experience the pooling water around the feet while enjoying a relaxing and luxurious shower. A clogged shower drain due to hairs or soap foam may bother you repeatedly.

We hope we have solved your query on “how to unclog a shower drain” in simple steps. Unclogging the shower drain is a must to avoid the issue.

However, to prevent the shower drain’s clogging, you shall repeatedly use a drain cap, pour hot water twice a week, prevent the waste from passing through the same, and maintain a good drain.

Hence, avoid the expenses incurred by calling a plumber; simply undergo the above-mentioned steps in the article. This will prove appropriate as well as beneficial to you.