How To Select The Best Shower Filter [Complete Buying Guide]

Bored & tired of looking for the right guide for “how to choose the best shower filter”? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Taking a shower is quite an essential part of our daily routine. Our shower washes off all our tiredness and strain after an agonizing day. Nothing quite literally beats the refreshment and calm that we feel after having a shower at the end of a long day.

But unfortunately, experiencing this sense of calm and refreshment is not that easy when it comes to taking a shower with hard water as hard water has too many mineral deposits and impurities that do no good for our skin or our peace of mind.

Hard water tends to clog the showerhead over some time and also leads to hair loss and dry skin in some cases. In this scenario, a shower filter comes in handy; it saves the user from the harm of hard water.

The sign of a good shower filter is its ability to filter out harmful chemicals and minerals deposits present in the water and ensure a smooth flow of water through the holes in the shower head.

There are a variety of shower filters manufactured by several famous brands and companies, but they are not as efficient in doing their job as they claim to be most of the time.

These easily available and mass-produced shower filters are made from the technology of yesteryears. This article will be providing you with all the tips and tricks you need to know in how to choose the best shower filter that is worth the price and that exactly fit the bill for you so that you won’t regret your purchase later on.

Let us first start by understanding. At the same time, our team has made a list of the best high pressure shower heads and the best shower panel systems that you might like.

Benefits Of Using Shower Filter

Clean & Pure Water

A shower filter ensures that the water passing through it comes out clean and free from any sort of bacteria, chemical deposits, residue, etcetera even if we might not be aware that our bathroom creates an environment that encourages the breeding of numerous microorganisms and bacteria in it because of the heat, moisture, and humidity that gets trapped in it.

This breeding takes place at an even greater pace in the shower head as it is enclosed from all sides and cleaned seldom. These bacteria and microorganisms can lead to many skin and respiratory diseases.

A shower filter helps in keeping these bacteria and microorganisms out of the way before the water reaches you. This proves that a shower filter is not an unnecessary expenditure but a necessity.

Cancer Prevention

Hard water is treated with chlorine to purify it to some extent. This chlorine can do a lot more than just purifying the water. Having a bath with chlorine-treated water regularly can ruin your skin and hair; it makes the skin dry and damaged and the hair frizzy and rough.

When chlorine, a chemical, comes in contact with an organic matter such as your body, it produces a by-product known as trihalomethanes which are known for producing cancer-causing chloroforms. This material can cause irreparable damage if it enters your bloodstream.

Protects Lungs

If your bathroom is not well-ventilated, which is quite the case for most of the bathrooms out there, the pathogens and chemicals that are accumulated in your showerhead can be carried on in your water, and inhaling the vapor coming from his water can lead to allergies, asthma attacks, if you have a history with the diseases and even the spread of sinus infections and coughing, fits all of these aren’t really good for your lungs and damaging even in the long run.

Chemicals and pathogens usually stick to damp surfaces, and a showerhead is one such damp surface known for accumulating such toxins. A shower filter keeps these harmful toxins away from you and your lungs and helps in protecting and keeping them safe.

Better Skin & Hair

The water supplied to us is usually chlorine-treated, and we can’t really do any about it. Adding this chemical is necessary for water providers as it helps in killing the germs present in the water.

Though chlorine helps in making our water pure and germ-free, it can damage our skin and hair making it extremely dry, rough, and lifeless. If the water supplied to you has a high chlorine concentration, there are chances you might be experiencing itchiness on your scalp and your entire skin and also excessive hair fall.

We can’t really stop the water providers from adding chlorine to our water, but we can install a shower filter that can lessen the damage caused by the chemical by neutralizing its adverse effects.

How To Choose The Best Shower Filter

So now that we have got you covered with the benefits of using a shower filter, let’s focus on what you need to look for in a shower filter.

Filtration Technology

As mentioned earlier, most of the shower filters available easily use old technology and hence the shower filters don’t work really well and fail to stand by their claims.

You have to first find out the quality of the water supplied to you, the problems you are facing with your shower, and your exact expectations from the shower filter, along with the requirements.

Whether you need a shower filter that is known for filtering a single chemical or a shower filter that provided you with an all-in-one filtration solution


Durability is an important factor to be considered before purchasing any product. The same goes for a shower filter. You ideally don’t want to repurchase and replace your shower filter every few months. Also, it must be noted that the durability of a shower filter heavily depends on the quality of the water supply.

Pressure & Installation

The installation process and the pressure of your shower filter must be easy, comfortable, and convenient. To find out about the installation process as well as the pressure read the provided user manual and check the reviews of the product to get a better understanding of the same.

Final Words

We hope till now you have got a rough idea of how to choose the best shower filter. Shower cleanses not only our body but also our soul, sometimes. You have sure that the water you are bathing with is germ-free and safe, and healthy. If you live in an area with a hard water supply, a shower filter is necessary.