How To Remove A Shower Arm [Step By Step Video Guide]

To get a complete shower session full of satisfactory feeling, you need to make sure that every piece of equipment is working fine; you need to check for it. Many customers often complain that shower arm leaks and a lot of water are wasted.

There can be a number of reasons behind such leakage. However, the only solution is to remove and replace the shower arm as soon as possible.

Whether you need to remove your shower arm due to rust or mildew, or unwanted leakage, following the proper steps is necessary. But, relax! You do not have to call a plumber to get the job done.

You can quickly get the job done by following simple and hassle-free DIY steps. It is easier than you think when you keep some of the tools handy. A leaky or gunky shower arm should be replaced immediately before it is too late.

Your whole shower head system can malfunction if your shower arm does not work well. So, stop wondering how to remove a shower arm and get ready to read the guide ASAP.

See the list of tools you need to keep handy while replacing or removing the shower arm:

  • Metal lubricant
  • Step stool
  • Vise grips
  • Eye protection
  • Rubber gloves
  • Large bowl
  • Clean cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Adjustable pipe wrench

Step By Step Guide On How To Remove A Shower Arm

Now that you have every tool that you need to remove the shower arm, you can follow the seven easy steps to get the DIY process’s work.

1. Make sure you have stopped the water supply

This is the first step that you ought to take while removing the shower head. You need to begin with the process of cutting down the water flow so that no mess occurs. You have to switch off the flow of water from the primary source.

It is not about switching off the shower head valve, but you need to find out the primary source, which is near the basin valve or near the bathtub.

Finding the primary source of the water flow is no turkey shoot; still, if you think it is difficult to find out, you can check some DIY videos to know in detail.

2. Take out the shower head

You have to remove the shower head first if you wish to remove the shower arm without any hassle. Even if you are not replacing your shower head entirely, you have to take it out in order to replace or remove the shower arm.

You need to turn the nut off the shower head by using an adjustable pipe wrench. Turn the nut into the anti-clockwise direction to open the shower head. Do not forget to place a clean cloth around the pipe to avoid any scratches on your shower head pipe.

3. Cleaning the Shower head and Shower Arm

Your shower head can be coated with rust and mildew. You can feel that gunky smell when you remove the shower head. The shower arm’s rust formation needs to be cleaned thoroughly if you wish to get an unhindered water flow.

You need to fill a bowl full of water and mix vinegar and metal lubricant to it. Submerge the shower head and shower arm in that mixed water overnight. You can find that the rust and mildew particles are removed from the metal easily.

You can use a cloth to clean the remaining particles.

4. Clean the Pipe of the Shower arm

It is not about cleaning the shower head. There is no point if you reinstall the cleaned shower head again in a rusty shower arm. The same mildew and rust particles will come back. You should be cleaning the existing shower head, too, with calcium and limescale remover. Your shower head will just seem to be a new one.

5. Unscrewing the Shower arm

You should use the long pipe wrench to unscrew the existing shower arm. You need to turn the wrench counter-clockwise but slowly. If you think that your shower arm is stuck and is not loosening quickly, you have to stop immediately before breaking it.

Use some metal lubricant and coat your shower arm with it. Leave it for few hours and allow the rust and mildew to break down and become soft. Try again with the wrench pipe, and hopefully, after using the lubricant, you can open the shower arm with ease. After opening the shower arm, you can see a pipe with thread all around is protruding from the wall.

6. Installing the new shower arm

You need to use a few layers of plumber’s tape and properly wrap the shower pipe’s end. You can also use a water-proof seal with a pipe-joint compound if you think plumbing tape is not handy.

Insert the new shower arm with the threaded end inside and turn it clockwise direction. Make sure that you have twisted it well and there is a loose end in the connecting nut. If the shower arm is not fitted tightly with the shower arm, it can leak again.

7. Installing the Shower head

After installing the shower arm, this is now time to install the shower head again. Just as the same process as the shower arm, you need to apply some plumber’s tape or compound to the threaded end of the shower arm. You can then fix the position and turn the shower head into the clockwise direction to snug it tightly. Get it done and make sure there is no loose end.

8. Check whether your shower head is leaking

Now you need to turn on the water supply from the primary source. Open the shower head to check the gentle flow and, moreover, if there are any leaks from the flow. If you spot any kind of leaking in the water flow, tighten the shower head more. If it doesn’t work, make sure to put some more metal lubricant.

This is the standard procedure of removing a shower arm, which you can apply and get the work done within just a few minutes. However, most people often think about how to remove a shower arm that is stuck.

It can be difficult for you to implement the DIY removal process of a stuck shower head. But, this guide has explained the ways in a simple way so that you do not have to take much trouble.

Ways To Remove Or Replace A Stuck Shower Arm

The essential tools that you will need are:

  • Adjustable pipe wrench
  • Limescale remover
  • Vise grips
  • Thread seal tape

Step 1: Turn the water flow off.

This is like a basic first that you would need to take while doing any of the work with the shower head. If you want to switch off the water’s primary source, you can find the valve behind the access panel.

Or else, make sure to switch off the house’s whole water flow by switching off the main valve near the pump.

Step 2: Try to twist the shower arm.

You just have to grab the shower arm with both of your hands and twist it. You can see that the shower arm is loosening from the nut joint. But, a stuck shower arm won’t come out quickly, and that is quite obvious.

You can use a metal lubricator to loosen the nut from the joint. Keep the lubricator for some time, and then try to twist it.

Step 3: Check the junction of the shower arm

It is hassle-free to use a ladder for the level, but somehow you have to get up and see the shower arm’s junction and the shower raising tube. See the joint and find out why it is stuck.

If you see any brown colored stains on the chrome, this could cause the shower arm to get born and rust because it is so difficult to get out. But some white spots you can see.

These are scales of minerals that can also make it more difficult to extract items. This is probably why you are having a problem if your home has hard water with a high amount of salt from minerals.

You want to extract the rust of the mineral from the douche arm for one of these two issues. In a bowl, pour some vinegar, soak in a small towel or rag, and then fifteen minutes around the bowling arm. This should release any waste in the way.

Step 4: Use the wrench pipe

If you tried it all in this paper and the bowling arm won’t just grow, it’s time to take the massive arms out of the pipe clamp adjustable. Due to a lifetime guarantee, you can take the Husky brand pipeline wrench as it is indeed the cheapest on the market. If you have a couple of days to spare, you can take one on Amazon.

You may use this strategy to destroy the shower arm, but it will at least be removed and replaced by an elegant and polished shower arm that lasts for years.

Pick up the shower handle, and fit snugly on the arm with the pipe wrench. Push the pipe wrench down; you’ll want to pull it not. In truth, they are used with one hand.

Step 5: Shower Arm Replacement

When you have your old shower arm, a brand new one can be quickly substituted. All you have to do is buy a new shower arm and some plumbers or seal tape.

At least 2 complete wraps of the seal strip will be put around the showerhead’s wall threads. This will trigger the seal to make sure there are no leaks in your wall. Turn right on the wall and line the sealed threads into the shower-lifting drain.

These new arms may usually be hand tightened. Your new shower arm should now be assembled and ready to install a brand new shower head!

What happens when your shower arm is broken?

You may be perplexed about how to remove a shower arm when it is stuck. No matter how much you do try to stop, if you use too much force to try to turn it, you are bound to snap a corroded shower arm trapped.

This may seem to be a major issue that would cause you to crack the wall to replace the fitting with the broken pipe inside, but a simple trick will allow you to prevent this. All you need is a 10-inch metal standard disk, hammer, and clamp.

Place the file’s tapered end in the hole in the wall, bring it into a suitable fit and tap the hammer sharply to wind against the broken pipe side. Clamp a latch on the file and tap the clasp to grip it sharply to lock the screens with the hammer.

Press it harder with the hammer before the file spins into the pipe. Know, the pipe has to go loose, so make sure you tap in the right direction. Any successful taps should break down the seal so that the pipe can be screwed off and removed by hand.

Final Note

If you don’t have the correct equipment, lifting a shower arm off the wall can be challenging. However, a good plumber is not really needed, and a lot of money is wasted.

Only take the right tools, and you can quickly extract the stuck shower arm after a little test and mistake. Stop asking how to remove a shower arm and follow these simple steps. Along with this, we have also published a detailed guide on removing flow restrictors from shower head you can read that guide here.

All the best!

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