How To Clean A Shower Head 2021 [Easy & Effective Ways]

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Our shower is one of the most important things in our bathroom; we use it on a daily basis. But we often ignore our shower heads when it comes to the cleaning aspect of it; it is one of the spots in our houses we assume to self-clean itself.

We must not forget that a shower needs to be cleaned once in a while so that it looks new and functions to its fullest capacity without experiencing any blockages.

As a shower head is generally installed at a significant height from the floor, it does not come in contact with soap or water. Still, mineral deposits usually found in water, especially hard water, which includes limescale, can create blockages in the holes of your shower head and reduce the force of the water coming through the shower.

As everyone uses a shower to have a bath regularly, we must also know how to clean a shower head to make sure that it functions efficiently. It must also be noted; unlike many other water appliances, a shower only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year.

It is difficult for even the people who consider themselves to be expert cleaners in their own capacity to get access to every nook and cranny of the shower head and make it completely spotless.

Though the statement we just made might make the task of cleaning a shower head extremely daunting and hectic, we promise you it is not actually as difficult as it sounds, given you put your mind to it.

Cleaning a shower head is a skill that only a few can possess and can take a while to be mastered. But we promise you that you are absolutely good to go once you get the hang of the entire process.

The first thing you will have to consider when you are thinking about cleaning your shower head is the number of years you have used the shower head.

Did the shower head come along with the house when you first purchased it or was it installed a few months ago? How many times was the shower head replaced? How many people use the shower head in the house?

All of these questions must be taken into consideration before getting started with the whole cleaning process. Looking on the brighter side, we know that a shower head, even if it is used for decades, won’t be unbearably gross like a shower floor which gets slimy and slippery if not cleaned regularly.

This is because the shower head never comes in contact with the soap because of the height at which it is installed. But depending on the kind of water supply in your house, the shower head can be clogged with many minerals and develop bacteria inside it, making the water coming in through the shower smell foul and lead to certain skin infections.

Hence cleaning your shower head becomes a necessary task. People living in the areas where hard water is supplied have not other option but to clean their shower head at regular intervals to make sure that the minerals coming in through the water don’t clog up the shower head.

People living in parts where the normal water is supplied wouldn’t have thought of cleaning their shower heads ever because they continue to work just fine without doing so.

But as we have mentioned earlier, an old shower head is a comfortable place for bacterias to inhabit, so if you do not fancy having a shower with bacteria-infused water, please consider cleaning your shower head.

There is a method using which you can clean your shower head without much hassle whatsoever at any given time using ingredients that are readily available in your house or in your pantry.

The best part is this method doesn’t require any expertise and saves you a lot of time.

Here’s a list of things you will need to clean a shower head.

  • A pitcher.
  • Plastic bags that are gallon-sized.
  • A cup of water.
  • Rubber bands or zip ties to hold everything in place.
  • Vinegar.
  • ½ cup of baking soda.

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Simple Procedure On “How To Clean A Shower Head”

  • The first step you should follow when cleaning your shower head is inspecting your shower head and looking for holes that are clogged; make sure that special attention is given to these clogged holes when you are cleaning your shower head.
  • Now that you might have managed to get your hands on all the supplies that you would need to clean your shower head as mentioned in the list, arrange them so that they are easy to get your hands on them when you are actually cleaning the shower head.
  • Take the plastic gallon-sized bag, open it, and palace it inside the pitcher; fold the bag’s edges around the pitcher’s outer edges. This helps to secure the plastic bag in its place so that it doesn’t move around a lot.
  • Add ½ cup of baking soda to the plastic bag, followed by the vinegar, which must be added slowly to the bag as when the vinegar comes in contact with the baking soda; the mixture will start forming bubbles.
  • Make sure that the bag is not overflowing while you are at it; add 1 cup of water to dilute the mixture.
  • Depending on your shower head’s size and angle, the next spet might be a little too easy or difficult for you because here, we need to submerge the shower head completely into the mixture we prepared previously. This process would be a lot easy to follow if you have a small or an average-sized shower head.
  • Take your shower head and submerge it into the bubbly mixture and tie the plastic bag around it with the help of a rubber tie to secure it in place.
  • If you have a removable shower head, it might take a while to get the shower head soaked in the mixture.
  • While tying the rubber band around the shower head, make sure that you are aware of the weight of the bag.
  • Once all the previous steps are thoroughly followed, let the shower head soak in the cleaning mixture for a few hours or overnight.
  • When the shower head is nicely soaked in the mixture, remove the bag and pour the liquid out.
  • Turn the knob on your shower to check if the previously clogged holes have opened up.
  • You might notice the increase in the pressure of water coming through your shower head.
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the surface of the shower head gently.
  • Wash away any remaining built-up or residue that is left behind.
  • The stains left by the hard water and the soap residue should be completely gone by now.
  • You will notice that your shower head is as good as new after the cleaning.

In order to clean your shower head on a regular basis, use some vinegar diluted in water and store it in a spray bottle. Spray some of this diluted vinegar on your shower head whenever you feel it needs some cleaning. This also cuts down the frequency at which you would be required to do the soaking treatment.

Final Words

Cleaning your shower head is one of the best and the most hassle-free ways to deep clean your clogged shower head. We use our shower head daily, and hence we are also obliged to clean it regularly.

If it is left unattended for a long time, the shower head can become a home to various bacteria that can be the reason behind many skin infections, and none of us want to voluntarily fall prey to that.

Yet constantly put off cleaning our shower heads. In this article, we have tried our best to make the process of cleaning your shower very easy and simple for you using readily available ingredients that are lying around in your pantry.

We know that vinegar and baking soda, when combined together, make excellent stain removers and cleaners on a budget; these are the things we were taught at school. This magic mixture help dissolves tough stains and gets rid of them.

This solution can be used for cleaning your shower head and other items in your bathroom that are difficult to clean; you can use this mixture to clean your kitchen appliances and your kitchen platform.

This way of cleaning is budget-friendly, eco-friendly as well as organic you will save yourself a lot of money which you will spend on buying chemical cleaners.

This cleaning process must be repeated once every few months or whenever you feel that the holes in your shower head are getting clogged up. People using hard water might have to go through this soaking, cleaning process more often than others.

But following this process, you will make sure that you are bathing with clean water and not water that is infused with bacteria and other nasty chemicals. We hope this article has solved all your queries on “how to clean shower head.”