How To Clean A Clogged Shower Head: A Detailed Guide

Most of the time, shower heads clog when there is debris in them. This can be caused by hair, soap, or just general dirt and minerals that have been sitting for a while. So this is a perfect guide for people who are searching for how to clean a clogged shower head.

Luckily cleaning your shower head is not too difficult, and it will only take about 10 minutes to complete! In this guide, we are going to go over how you should clean your shower head at home with some simple supplies that you probably already have lying around the house.

We’ll also go into detail on what type of materials you should avoid using so as not to damage your shower head in any way. We have also written an in-depth guide on the best low flow shower heads and the best led shower heads.

Quick & Easy Steps On How To Clean A Clogged Shower Head

Step 1: Turn Off The Shower Head Water

We know you’re just like us, who love taking a nice hot shower every evening before bed, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. You should turn off all of your water so that you don’t make things worse by spraying more dirt and grime around!

If you have an on-off knob or lever to control the flow of water, this will be easy as pie (or maybe apple pie?). I’m not sure what people usually put on their pies? Either way…turn those knobs to “OFF.”

Step 2: Remove Your Shower Head

After you shut down the water supply, you’ll want to remove your shower head. You can do that by holding the nozzle of the shower head with one hand and unscrewing it from its joint-threaded holder with a wrench or pliers.

Removing the shower head is not a tough task; you can do it with your bare hands too. Hold the nozzle of the shower head and unscrew from its holder using a wrench or pliers if you have one available to use.

If not, do this step by hand. Be careful when doing so because water can get in your eyes which could be really annoying! You might want those goggles on I was talking about before, but they’re optional at this point.

Now that you’ve removed it, takes the shower head over to your sink (or somewhere else where there’s lots of running water) for cleaning purposes later on down below!

Step 3: Use Vinegar & Water To Clean It Up

No doubt, as time passes, the mold and mildew start building up on your shower head; it’s time to take action! The first thing you’ll want to do is put a small bowl of vinegar and water in the sink.

In my case, I used about half a cup each. Mix them up together really well with your hands or spatula (or anything else that will work). You don’t need too much for these purposes: just enough so that there are little droplets on top of one another but not spilling over the edge. After this part, get back into the shower with your toiletry-filled cleaning kit!

We’re going to use what we have at our disposal here, which should include some paper towels or dry rags and toothbrushes from those days when brushing teeth wasn’t fun. After going through this quick and easy process, there we go, a clean and unclogged shower head in just three easy steps!”

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