How Much Would A Bath Fitter Cost

How Much Would A Bath Fitter CostVarious companies that manufacture bathroom acrylic bathtub fittings call themselves bath fitters, as does the product itself. Rather than removing and replacing an old bathtub, a bath fitter overlays over it to give it a more contemporary look at an affordable price.

How Much Would A Bath Fitter Cost?

Bathroom fitters charge an average of $800, and they cost around $3,500 at their highest. According to the National Bathroom Association, a bath fitter, labor, and any modifications would run on average $1,000 to $10,000. Materials, bathtub size, and finishes determine the cost of a bathtub. It costs about half as much to replace a bathtub or shower with a Bath Fitter.

There is no limit to how much you can expect to spend, but sometimes it can even be more. While bath fitters cannot be quantified and summarised, you are able to study and make a pick from any manufacturer’s quotations.

Can you tell me how much it costs to install a Bath Fitter Tub on average?

Each bath lining installation is custom, with thousands of options, so average prices are difficult to determine. Bath fitters typically charge between $800 and $3,500. A well-maintained bathroom that only needs a little preparation will save you money on wall repairs. A new shower liner with antimicrobial properties would be necessary if the shower valve needs to be replaced.

In comparison, replacing a bathtub or doing shower conversions will cost more than installing a bath fitter when compared to bath fitting.

Here are some factors to consider when determining the cost of a bath fitter:

  1. Cost of a bath fitter
  2. Cost of labor
  3. Add-ons/modifications

Average cost of bath fittings

Bath fitter products are priced differently depending on the style, the shower, or the wall panel.

  • Manufacturers sell their products differently, so you need to know who you’re buying from.
  • You reside in a particular region or state. There are different prices in different states.
  • Liner quality depends on the material, for example, acrylic, fiberglass, or vinyl.
  • Fittings are designed in a certain way.
  • You need to know how big your bathtub is and how big your shower stall is.

In general, you should expect to pay around $3,000 for a bath fitter tub. Take it or leave it. The tub costs approximately $800 and the wall surrounding it costs approximately $2,000

An alternative is a bath fitter shower that features a seamless panel that covers the floor from wall to wall. This type of installation will cost you between $2,500 and $3,000 depending on the size.

Labor Cost

There is a wide variation in labor charges between companies. The company of your choice prefers to come over to your house in order to estimate the cost of bath fitter installation.

You will not be held liable or charged any site visit fee when the bath fitter manufacturing company comes to your home. You won’t be pressured into buying their products either. Data will be collected when they arrive;

The size of the bathtub plus the area of the walls.

  • Shower installation costs are also determined by the size of the shower, in addition to the cost of bathtub liners.
  • There is no comparison between the costs of installing a large bathroom compared to a smaller one. Glue is used to stick the wall panel; a senseless amount of adhesive can be used, or a lot more adhesive may be required.

Your bathroom’s condition.

  • The chances of mold growing in a bathroom increase if the water from the bath cannot drain well. Therefore, you will be charged an additional cleaning fee if your bathroom has mold.
  • The drainage system should be unclogged or completely changed if the water isn’t draining well. You will have to pay for that as well.

Add-ons and modifications.

  • Additionally, there may be a need to change or replace some complementing details, such as towel rails or soap holders. In spite of the fact that their cost might be minimal, their impact on the final bill won’t be minimized.

Labor fees for manufacturing companies typically range between $500 and $900. Any changes or additions will require a negotiated agreement. You may also have to spend $400 to replace any shower valves that need to be replaced.

Is A Bath Fitter Worth It?

Acrylic bath liners and their installation can last a lifetime with the help of a bath fitter. In addition to being durable and stylish, their bath liners are made from tough acrylic.


  • In addition to their antimicrobial properties, they also contain antioxidants. You can be sure that your bath area is free of microorganisms.
  • Since bath fittings are made of a quality material that is resistant to damage, you can be sure that your investment will last a lifetime.
  • Bath fitters are quick to install and ready within 48 hours, which saves you money and time.
  • Using a bath fitter will ensure that there will be no accidents in your bathroom due to their non-slip nature.
  • Bath fitters have a glossy surface, which you clean by wiping. Low maintenance is ensured.
  • Obviously, the bathtub and seamless walls won’t allow water to leak through, so mold won’t grow in your bathroom without the bathtub and seamless walls. In the absence of a professional who knows what he’s doing, it may result in mold growth.

How Does A Bath Fitter Work?

Bath fitter remodeling involves installing a liner over an old tub or shower, which results in the walls of the bathroom looking like new. Understanding bath fitters is the first step to analyzing this product as a solution for the bathroom remodeling.

Remodels that take ages to finish are out of date in today’s hectic world. First manufactured in the 1970s, bath fitters were intended to save homeowners from the hassle of entirely replacing their bathtubs or showers.

In today’s world, it is possible for you to remodel your bathroom in just one day with the use of bath fitter products. This reduces your risk of having to replace the entire bathroom if you were to replace it otherwise.

They come in the following forms:

  • The tubs and showers mimic those found on the market in terms of style and type.
  • Styles and patterns of wall panels.
  • You can choose from an array of colors to complement the rest of the bathroom.
  • A wide range of finishes and fixtures to suit your taste.

There is a possibility that you may be disappointed if you plan to remodel your bathroom or shower and you are considering a bath fitter.

The good news is that most companies will provide you with custom-made designs if you have such a case. Just give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for.

A bathroom makeover with Bath Fitters is a dream come true thanks to the interactive design tool and the millions of installations done by the company. If you would like inspiration to transform your current bathtub or walk-in shower, you can take a look at their design gallery.

Various options are available, including tub liners and shower doors.

Bath fitters are manufactured within two weeks to fit into existing bathrooms. You will be able to install it when they’re finished.

Material for bath fittings

After defining a bath fitter, let us discuss the duties he or she performs. There are several disadvantages to owning a ceramic bathroom;

  1. In addition to being difficult to clean, tiles can also become stained over time.
  2. Moisture and water encourage mold growth.
  3. The wear and tear on them is common.
  4. The installation of a bathtub and shower in a bathroom requires plenty of time when the time comes for a renovation.

The Bathfitter brothers created a product that does not have these heavy disadvantages given the shortcomings of a typical bathtub and shower.

Based on today’s tub/shower regimens and shower stall measurements, they designed acrylic tubs with one-piece walls and shower liners.

Acrylic material has the following qualities:

  • A high-quality material has been used.
  • There is no need to worry about maintaining it.
  • The material is not porous and therefore is not permeable to air or water.
  • Cleaning is easy and it does not stain.

These qualities allow manufacturers of bath fitter products to provide limited lifetime warranties. Therefore, the company will take care of any problems that arise during its lifetime.

Various manufacturing companies have implemented bath fitter remodeling solutions using inferior materials over time. Hence, as a more affordable product, the product has appealed to a broader market.

You can choose from two types of bath fittings today:

  1. Liners made of acrylic.
  2. PVC vinyl liners are made of polyvinyl chloride.
  3. The liners are made of fiberglass.

A bath fitter franchise offers a wide range of options since it is manufactured by different companies.

Bath Fitting Installation

In some cases, installing a bathroom bath fitter requires the skills and craft of a professional contractor.

A non-specialised may have difficulty fitting the device. In spite of this, some contractors are proud of their work and sometimes go the extra mile to ensure everything is just right. This is according to what you want the final result to look like.

Reinstalling requires disconnecting and reconnecting;

  1. Stand for the shower.
  2. Replace the shower valve/faucet.
  3. Holders for soap.

A wall panel liner must also be adhered to the wall with adhesive before being installed. Wall panels are held in place by adhesive.

Alternatives to remodel your bathroom

The walls can be painted, fixtures can be replaced, or leaks can be repaired. You can still make your bathroom look brand new without hiring a bath fitter if you’re on a tight budget.

You may have to remodel your bathroom because it has served its purpose, but you have grown tired of the old bathtub or shower, and you need something new.

Then you probably wonder which choice to make when renovating your bathroom;

  • Your bathroom needs to be repaired.
  • If it needs to be replaced, or
  • A bath fitter needs to be installed.

Remodeling options largely depend on your budget, regardless of which option you choose.

Bathroom Renovations: Repairing Old Bathtubs/Showers

A bathtub or shower that needs to be repaired consists of;

  • Taking care of clogged drains and shower heads.
  • Leaks must be repaired.
  • Stains and mold on tiles can be removed by cleaning them.
  • It may be necessary to replace fixtures such as the shower head and soap dish, shower curtains, clogged pipes, etc.
  • It is necessary to repaint faded walls.
  • Tiles that are chipped or cracked need to be replaced.

In order to remodel, repairing is not an option; the bathroom will need to be repaired, the walls will need to be updated, and mold and stains will have to be removed.

This process does not come with a lifetime warranty, so you might end up in a never-ending repair cycle.

Remodeling an old bathtub or shower

The replacement of a bathtub often requires a complete renovation of the bathroom. This means you will have a contractor remove the old bathtub, remove the ceramic walls, and replace them with new ones.

A bathroom was once a purely utilitarian space; now, remodeling it is about luxury and enjoyment.

It’s the same as building a bathroom from scratch, and most of what’s inside may be thrown out when you replace it. To save a little money, keep some things, like mirrors, to save a little.

It takes twice the work to replace something, and it may take several weeks, uproot your life, and cause all kinds of inconveniences.

Remodeling solutions for tubs and showers by Bath Fitter

Many people still don’t understand what a bath fitter does, as it is still a new concept in town.

In addition to tub to shower conversions, extra-large showers, and wall panels, Bath Fitters also provides acrylic liners that fit into existing bathtubs or showers. As if you were wearing a bathtub or shower enclosure.

By keeping your old bathtub or shower unit, your bathroom can be easily remodelled and redecorated and still look gorgeous.

Bath Fitter Liners: What You Need to Know

Acrylic tub liners are non-porous, easy for cleaning with soap and water, and are suitable for use in bathrooms. A non-skid surface is also included on these tub liners, and they are resistant to rust and chipping as well. Bath Fitter offers lifetime warranties on its acrylic products.

To accessorize something means to enhance its functionality and appearance by adding a few things to it. It is precisely this job that bath fitters perform.

Consider remodeling your bathroom. Depending on your preferences, bath fitters offer a wide variety of options for tubs and showers, ranging from various styles and colors to a range of designs.

As a leading North American bathroom renovation company, bath fitter was founded in 1984.

Branches are spread throughout the U.S. and their products have slowly crept into the American market.

Does mold grow under Bath Fitter?

Bath Fitter’s acrylic tubs and wall systems are mold-resistant and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your bathroom will stay looking great for years to come. And if you do happen to see any mold or mildew, a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all it takes to clean. So there’s no need to worry about mold growing under your Bath Fitter tub or wall system.

How long do Bath Fitter tubs last?

Bath Fitter tubs and wall systems are made from durable, high-quality acrylic that is built to last. In fact, our tubs and walls come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy your bathroom for years to come.

Does Bath Fitter replace faucets?

We can install a new faucet for you, or you can choose to install one yourself. If you do decide to install the faucet yourself, we’ll give you all the information and guidance you need to make sure it’s done correctly.

What is Bath Fitter’s return policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your new Bath Fitter tub or wall system, simply call us within 30 days of installation and we’ll make it right. We want you to love your new bathroom, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you do.