Grohe vs Hansgrohe: Best Brand Comparison, Reviews and Ratings

Grohe vs Hansgrohe -the question is more complicated than it seems, as there are huge differences in the products available at each company, and in their prices. 

So just how can you tell the real difference between Grohe and Hansgrohe? Well, in a nutshell, it’s all about the products. 

In order to get the best end result we recommend you to have a look at all the features below and compare them with each other.

What is the Difference Between Grohe and Hansgrohe?

The difference between Grohe and Hansgrohe is that Grohe has a few parts while Hansgrohe has many. The number of parts in the faucet is not the only difference between these two brands. 

Their design, material, and functionality are also different. Grohe tend to be more cost effective than Hansgrohe because they don’t have as many pieces, and also offer a lifetime warranty while Hansgrohe offers a limited warranty for up to ten years. 

As a homeowner, you’ll want to choose your faucet based on several different factors, such as the style you prefer and the material it’s made of. Grohe tend to be more cost-effective than Hansgrohe because they don’t have as many pieces, and also offer a lifetime warranty while Hansgrohe offers a limited warranty for up to ten years.


Brands often get mixed up with their competitors or would-be competitors. In this case, the two brands are not related at all and in fact, work for different companies. 

The lenient nature of antitrust laws has allowed Hansgrohe to escape punishment for the “bathroom cartel” with Grohe and others. Although they are a part of the group, Hansgrohe has implemented reforms that have sparked a 50% growth in their business. 

It is important to be at your best and have as much confidence as possible. Sometimes that might not be easy when you’re fighting against tough bandages or if the procedure may go wrong.

Family History

In 1936, the international expansion of the company began when the second eldest son of founder Friedrich Grohe left. In a short time later, it became a momentous step when this decision to be turned out. Friedrich’s half-brother and the youngest son Klaus Grohe took over the management in 1975. 

Grohe also known as “the world wide giant” in 2016 the company produce a turnover worth 1.3 Billion Euro. In Addition, it has 6000 employees around the world. Aside from stock corporation they are also part Japanese Lixil Group since 2014.

Hansgrohe was founded in 1901 by Hans Grohe in Schiltach Germany . As their company grew, they specialized in the production of metal products for the sanitary area, especially showers and drains.

Hansgrohe also known as “the innovative father of the industry” as of 2017 generates almost 1.1 Billion Euro in terms of sales. It has 37 branches across the globe with 5000 employees. The company has been awarded nearly 2,500 patents, some of which are the automatic overflow system. 

Moreover, The company owns 68% in US American Masco Corporation and 80% by the Klaus Grohe family with an another 6% held in Henkel stock.

Grohe and Hans Grohe Comparison

You may be wondering if the two companies are related to each other or not. If so, continue reading because we’ll compare them individually. There are a lot of similarities between the two companies, but one company is far ahead of the other in terms of their use of technology.

A. Pricing

Many of the top-performing brands at the moment are known to be giving consumers a pricey end result. Grohe is just one such brand, who charges up to $2,100 for its products. 

By contrast, Hansgrohe provides a low cost option with products starting at under $1,500. Compared to other companies, these brands have lower starting prices for their products. 

Why? This allows more people to afford their showers and enjoy the convenience that these showers bring. That being said, these brands are premium brands and high-quality, so their pricing will be on the higher end.

B. Product Line-up

There are several models to choose from; if you ask what I’m going to choose between them in terms of product line. I choose Grohe.

The company(Grohe)offers 13 variant faucet models and 16 showerhead models. Seven of the faucet models are designed for the kitchen setting, and the other six are for the bathroom. Grohe concentrates on the durability of its products in order to simplify the process of installation with a few simple parts.

One of the key benefits of Hansgrohe’s products is that they cater to a wide range of budgets. They have eight different product lines in which each model has a volume and complexity budget. Hansgrohe is a company that specializes in the production of plumbing fixtures. 

They produce a high-quality products that are available for any budget. The company has eight product lines, with each line having a budgeted volume and complexity level. This allows Hansgrohe to create products that fit into any home’s style and needs.

C. Warranty

Grohe is a German brand of plumbing, heating and bath products with a 5-year to lifetime warranty. Their products are safe, reliable and innovative. They stand behind their products, which means you can trust them to keep the working parts of your home running smoothly.

Hansgrohe products are not too shabby in the length of their warranties, but the lifetime warranty of Grohe products is what sets them apart from other brands. Hansgrohe is a German company that specializes in the design and manufacture of bathroom products. 

Their products are widely known for their quality and simplicity. For example, they typically have lifetime warranties on their products. But, some experts in the industry have said that their warranty is not as good as Grohe’s.

D. Technology Options

Both companies are able to offer various technologies, some of which may be make-or-break for you. This section can help narrow down your decision. You can find some of their products in intranets, photovoltaic and design. Some of the company’s ideas include:

  • Touch/Touchless faucets: Let’s differentiate Touch faucet and Touchless faucet. Touch faucets allows you to tap it for the control of the water flow, whereas touchless faucets conduct through motion detectors. They help reduce the amount of bacteria accumulates in kitchens and near faucets by eliminating or mitigating the need to touch such areas. 
  • Sense technology: This water shutoff device is a smart option for all homes. It will detect leaking pipes and turn off the water to prevent further damage of your home resulting from a burst pipe or substantial leak. The water shutoff device is an important step in protecting your home from the damage that can be done by a burst pipe or extensive leak. It is a smart, easy-to-install option that will detect and stop leaks before they cause serious damage.
  • Sense Guard: The first issue mentioned compensating for leaking pipes and sustaining water levels. The second makes use of Sense technology to help find out when leaks are happening. It also tracks water usage so businesses don’t throw off the natural balance of anything around them.

Hansgrohe is a company known for their button-powered systems, two-in-one fixtures, and elegant designs. Some of their fancy technological additions include:

  • A cool feature like AirPower technology allows you to enjoy a satisfying shower without wasting water.
  • If you like showering, then you’ll love this innovative new feature that was recently introduced. I’m talking about the water saver shower head. This revolutionary new head has a built in technology that prevents it from wasting water when you’re not taking a shower. This technology uses less than 1 gallon every minute and it’s able to time the hot and cold water separately so there’s no waiting for silly things
  • Cool Start technology starts with cold water, but kicks in with hot water once activated. Instead of wasting valuable resources just because the trigger was released, it immediately turns on and thus helps save energy!
  • Sometimes a new innovation comes along that changes the world – and this is one of them. In the future, we will rely heavily on our home appliances to automate our lives and make life easy for us. This technology is known as CoolStart. It starts from your water heater with cold water only. When you turn on hot water, it instantly kicks in. This technology helps conserve hot water and can save you time.
  • Your external shower parts will maintain a cool or temperate temperature without needing to worry about your contact with the spout burning you when you touch it.

Your external shower parts are designed to be safe and intuitive so that you can remain comfortable while you shower. It is important to know the parts of your system, as they can affect how much water pressure the system has, how hot or cold the water will be, and more. Keep these things in mind when you maintain your system.

E. Costumer Service

Grohe is a company that offers fantastic customer service. They can be contacted by phone or email. You can get support for any problems you may encounter after your purchase. 

In contrast, Hansgrohe offers an excellent warranty. Thus, their customer service has greatly improved. Grohe and Hansgrohe are the two major faucet manufacturers. The two companies have very different customer service policies. 

With Grohe, after purchasing their products, it is harder to reach them, while with Hansgrohe, it is easier. It has an open-door policy with excellent customer service.

G. Market

Their market uses innovative technologies that are very cool. Their products are unique, while Hansgrohe has earned a reputation among their customers as a stainless steel specialist. Hansgrohe’s designs are inspired by the architects they admire, who frequently use minimalism and clean lines with a modern twist.

Grohe uses “Smart Water Controller”. Using this controller the water supply can be shut off immediately if frost, leaks or burst pipes are detected.

Grohe vs Hansgrohe: Which Is Better?

Are you not sure which of the two options you should choose? It’s never easy to choose between two options. You want to do both and can’t decide which is most important. 

Are you looking for the best quality faucet that you can buy? The answer is “Yes!” Branded faucets cost more, but their overall level of quality is much higher. The best faucets are designed with the consumer in mind. 

The faucet is made of from a high quality material that is made easy to install and comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide. Faucets are designed with the consumer in mind and come with a wide range of capabilities. 

They can be installed by a do-it-yourself homeowner or professional plumber without damaging materials. For a limited time only, research the products of two industry giants. We should take a look on their websites to see how technology is used in faucets.


Both of them are high-end manufacturers of faucets which can be used in either kitchens or bathrooms. They are independent businesses and have their own identities. 

Rivalry in the industry cannot be avoided even if they are blood related. It all started with the company Hansgrohe. Along with that, their content quality is also quite similar.

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