Best Wood Bathtub: Is It Worth the Price?

 Wood Bathtub

Nothing compares to the majestic beauty of a wooden bathtub! Not only does it bring an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation into your bathroom, but its luxurious design is sure to make any space feel more sophisticated.

While these magnificent tubs come with quite a hefty price tag (standard ones cost around $1,500 while high-end models go up to $30,000), they are truly worth every penny as you bask in their exotic warmth that brings you closer to nature. A wood bathtub should be considered not just an item for bathing pleasure but also a work of art worthy of investment.

Are you drawn to the idea of owning a beautiful wooden bathtub? If so, this article is for you! Read on as I explore costs, pros, and cons, plus introduce some of my favorite models and alternatives.

Are Wood Bathtubs Worth the Investment?

The answer is a resounding yes! There are many styles to choose from, all with one purpose in mind: To provide an oasis of peace and calm at the end of each day. Imagine soaking your troubles away in luxurious wood-crafted comfort while breathing in soothing aromas released by hot water – nothing else can compare. Make sure you make this worthwhile investment that will offer countless benefits for years to come!

Wood-crafted bathtubs are both elegantly luxurious and incredibly durable, enabling you to create the perfect size or shape for your home. Not only do they provide more depth and width than regular tubs but their stunning finishes can also match each of your interior design ideas. In addition, wood tubs last an impressive 20 years which makes them significantly longer lasting than other materials!

What Does a Wood Bathtub Cost?

The unique beauty of a handcrafted wood bathtub is unparalleled. Now let’s explore the cost and installation fees associated with this unequaled work of art!

The Cost of a Wood Bathtub

When selecting a wood bathtub, price is an important factor to consider. Smaller and simpler tubs crafted with inferior quality woods can cost as little as $1,500 while high-end models may start at $30,000. Although cheaper options are appealing, remember that they may not be coated properly which could lead to the tub cracking or leaking over time – so investing in the best you can afford will ensure your tub lasts for years and years! Additionally, the final cost of your wooden bathtub depends on its style and size; the type of wood used; additional features included (e.g., jets); etc.

  • Headrest
  • Built-in seating
  • Wrap-around backsplash
  • Whirlpool jets 

The Installation Costs of a Wood Bathtub

Installing a bathtub is not something that can be done easily by yourself and requires the help of an experienced contractor. Moreover, in addition to paying for services of installation, you will also have to pay extra to remove your current tub first.

According to, expect the following expenses: $300-$800 for prepping the surface area after removal of the old tub; $400-$1,900 for plumbing work; $500-2000 for sealing, painting, and tiling around the new wood installment.

You may even need further assistance with floor reinforcements as well as hauling away all debris from where your former tub used to reside – expenses that are no less real than any other mentioned above!


If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with a wood bathtub, don’t neglect the importance of selecting an exquisite and stylish faucet.

Check out this piece on tub filler varieties for my top picks among freestanding waterfall options. Keep in mind that ceramic cartridges within the fixture are far more durable than plastic ones!

Water Heaters

When replacing your old tub with a larger model, it might be necessary to upgrade your current water heater. Consider switching to a tankless option that provides hot water on demand while also being more energy-efficient than its traditional counterpart.

Petrified Wood Bathtubs

Petrified Wood Bathtubs

Owning a petrified wood bathtub is the epitome of extravagance. Petrified wood comes from Indonesia and results when million-year old trees are fossilized in volcanic ash, allowing artisans to craft modern heirlooms with each piece. While the outer surfaces remain untouched, the interior is polished into absolute flawlessness – creating your own one-of-a kind masterpiece!

Recently, a highly sought-after petrified wood bathtub nicknamed “The Jewel” far exceeded expectations at the auction and was sold for an astronomical 2 million dollars. This incredible tub is believed to be crafted from a rare 14-ton specimen of petrified wood that dates back 18 million years!

Pros and Cons of Wood Bathtubs

While adding a wood bathtub to your bathroom may appear quite alluring and romantic, take the time to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of such an addition before committing. After all, who doesn’t love the look – or even smell – of a rustic wooden tub?

Pros of a Wood Bathtub

Investing in a luxurious wooden bathtub comes with an array of remarkable advantages, including:

  1. Naturally Beautiful

Every wood bathtub is distinctive and exquisite. You can choose to darken the grain with stain, or simply coat it in varnish for a more subtle finish that will nevertheless showcase its natural beauty. The options are endless!

  1. Customizable

With a personalized bathtub, you get exactly what you desire as the tub is crafted to fit your bathroom space and specifications. The majority of wooden baths are handmade, so no two will be identical- owning one is like having your own unique work of art that’s also practical! Furthermore, those seeking an extra spacious comfort zone or wanting to indulge in some romantic bliss can benefit from the larger size these custom designs offer.

  1. Perfect For Outdoor Use

If you are looking to add a touch of rustic charm and natural beauty to your outdoor space, wood bathtubs are the ideal solution. Not only do they look great, but they can be customized to fit any area.

  1. Retains Heat

Wooden bathtubs have the remarkable advantage of retaining warmth for an extended period, allowing you to soak in comfort and relaxation without constantly having to add more hot water. Not only that, but wood is soft and inviting on your skin from the moment you step into it – a marked contrast with cold porcelain or steel! Enjoy a luxurious bathing experience right away as soon as take your seat by the side of this tub.

  1. Lasts Decades

With the proper maintenance and upkeep, your wooden tub can last an impressive 20 years or more- almost double of what other bathtubs made from alternative materials offer.

Cons of Wooden Bathtubs

Before you commit to a wood bathtub, make sure you are aware of the following issues:

      1. Expensive

Investing in a wooden bathtub can be pricey, yet many feel that it is worth the cost. Not only do they typically require more money to purchase and install than other types of tubs, but extra floor supports are also necessary due to their heavier weight when full.

  1. Need More Maintenance

Wood and water are fundamentally incompatible, to guarantee a wood bathtub will retain its luster for years to come, regular maintenance is essential. Fill up your tub at least once each week and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as this can lead to drying out of the wood. Additionally, steer clear of using harsh cleaners or abrasives when cleaning the tub.

Why Choose a Wood Bathtub?

Bathing aside, a wood bathtub is so much more! It serves as an exquisite piece of art that will bring your bathroom or outdoor area to life. To witness the beauty and elegance of what a wood bathtub could look like in your home, simply watch this video.

1. Alfi Free Standing Cedar Wood Bathtub

Alfi Free Standing Cedar Wood Bathtub

This Freestanding Cedar wood bathtub is easy to install and comes with all the necessary fixtures and instructions. Crafted for two people, this oval-shaped tub boasts two seats, as well as headrests, affording users an unparalleled level of comfort. Three electroplated iron wraps contribute towards its overall durability while giving it a rustic look that will be sure to make any space feel old-fashioned yet stylish at the same time. Weighing in at only 159 pounds, you won’t have to worry about spending extra on installation costs associated with heavier wooden tubs!

A complimentary wooden hanging basket is included to keep your necessities, like toiletries and perhaps a glass of wine, within arm’s reach while you soak in the tub.

 2. Soluna Copper Japanese Style Soaking Tub

 Soluna Copper Japanese Style Soaking Tub

The Soluna Copper Japanese Style Soaking Copper Bathtub is the ideal option for those who wish to feel a sense of Ofuro relaxation. Its sleek, polished copper design adds an exquisite touch while also fitting perfectly into even the smallest bathrooms – without having to sacrifice on depth or comfort. Choose between four variations: cafe natural, dark smoke, matte copper, and Rio Grande with each model boasting 158 gallons of soaking tub bliss!

3. Ofuru Wooden Soaking Tub

Ofuru Wooden Soaking Tub

Ofuru, the customizable classic Japanese soaking tub crafted by hand from cedar wood is a timeless symbol of traditional Japanese culture. With a standard square measure of 51.18 x 28.3 x 27.2 inches (130 x 69.1x 72cm), bathers can luxuriate in neck-high water with no need for built-in benches or seats – though a bottom waste drain is included! To keep your Ofuru perfect and polished, remember to apply oil on its surface every 6 months for a prolonged lifespan and excellent condition over time!

Final Verdict

Investing in a wood tub is like acquiring an exquisite piece of art—one that you can also soak in! While these bathtubs may be more expensive than acrylic or porcelain ones, they are relatively affordable when compared to other luxurious materials such as marble. Therefore, if you don’t mind splurging and dedicating time for upkeep, then investing in a wooden tub will surely give your bathroom (or outdoor area) the “wow” factor.