5 Best Waterstone Faucets Reviews

Waterstone faucets are a uniquely American product that is designed in an eye-catching style that is both modern and classic at the same time.

Their designs will leave you feeling like you have developed an appreciation for something extraordinary, their finishes are admired by the public, and they are perfect for those who love vintage design.

You can go with a contemporary or classic style and still have a modular kitchen by choosing the right faucets.

In this Waterstone faucet review, We will discuss what makes them great and what you should expect in terms of quality.

Brief History of Waterstone Faucets

Waterstone Faucets were developed around the late 1990s by a company in Ohio, USA. They were originally designed to be used in public showers in high-security buildings, but they quickly became one of the most popular faucet brands.

One of the prime reasons for their popularity is that they are made from top quality parts that are durable and will last for years with little maintenance required.

5 Best Waterstone Faucets Reviews

1. Waterstone 4200-SN Annapolis Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Waterstone is one of the leading manufacturers of faucet models, with a large selection of beautiful options available to purchase from. Their attention to detail and sleek designs is often imitated by other manufacturers in the market, making this one of the best faucet models you’ll find anywhere.

Waterstone 4200-SN Annapolis Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
This faucet is perfect for kitchens of all styles, but it will look best in open style kitchen designs that are clean and inviting. This faucet has a classic look, but the high level of detail makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

The faucet’s 360-degree swivel spout allows you to install it almost anywhere without problems. The level is able to be oriented in any direction, so you’ll have enough space to use it in any position.

One of the best things about this faucet is the attention to detail that it has. All the finishes are high quality and all the components are top-notch. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing faucets out there, and it’s also incredibly durable and practical.

This kitchen faucet features a reverse-osmosis filtration system that is compatible with most filters. It doesn’t require any modifications to the faucet and it can be used as is.


  • High Arc Spout
  • 360-degree Swivel Spout
  • Compatible With RO Systems
  • Single Lever Control

2. Waterstone 5600-4-ORB Annapolis Kitchen Faucet

The beauty of this faucet comes from its traditional shape and high-quality finish. It is also a functional piece of modern art, available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit your taste. The solid brass construction ensures that you will have a long life with it, as well as the option to upgrade parts if needed.

Waterstone 5600-4-ORB Annapolis Kitchen FaucetWith the faucet’s contemporary look, it will give your kitchen a more modern feel. With its sleek, minimalist design and a brass finish, this faucet will be a great addition to any kitchen space. It has an open-space design with a modern touch and is the perfect choice for kitchens that have enough space for this faucet.

This is the kind of faucet which will quickly gain a lot of compliments and provide the basis for many discussions. It shouldn’t be surprising if people offer to do the dishes after dinner.

The sprayer’s built-in counterbalance weight makes it easy to lift and pull out of the ground, which also allows the spray head to lock back into place each time you finish using it.

Prime quality finishes are just one of the many attractive features of this brand. It doesn’t matter which finish you choose, because they are designed from scratch by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail. This means that every line will be unbroken and every pixel will be perfect.

One of the best things about this faucet is that it has a pull-down spray head. This feature makes it easy to use and reliable, because the water comes out smoothly and you can switch between an aerated stream and a spray by pressing a lever.


  • Solid Brass Construction
  • High-quality finishes
  • C-spout Design
  • Pull Down Spray Head

3. Waterstone 5500-CHAnnapolis Kitchen Faucet

This gorgeous faucet can be used in a traditional or modern kitchen because it has a classical design with clean lines, but it is also very easy to use. This faucet will give you many compliments on your excellent taste once you install it in your home.

Waterstone 5500-CHAnnapolis Kitchen FaucetThis faucet has a number of great features. It’s easy to operate, has two functions that are easily accessed and it can reach up to 18 inches from the spout.

This is perfect for washing larger objects like pots, filling buckets or pots as well as rinsing them with the spray setting. The Teflon lock provides ultimate rigidity and prevents sagging.

This faucet model is made by hand and offers a variety of finishes. High-quality finishes are also done by hand, ensuring your faucet will stay looking great for years to come.


  • Great Finishes
  • C-spout Design
  • Pull Down Spray Head
  • Solid Brass Or Solid Steel Construction

4. Waterstone 5800-2-SS Standard Reach PLP Pull Down Faucet

This faucet has a modern C-spout design. There are 30 finishes available and each finish matches with most accessories in the kitchen.

Waterstone 5800-2-SS Standard Reach PLP Pull Down FaucetThe faucet is an elegant design that has a spout that allows the user to wash large objects like pots and trays without any difficulty. The spout design makes it very practical and easy to use, allowing users to wash even several things at once without any problem.

This faucet has a large variety of finishes that will look great with any kitchen accessories, making it a great addition to your new home.

The spray head is easy to use and extends up to 18 inches from the spout. This will make it easier for you to clean pots and other kitchen surfaces, and it also makes it easier for you to reach the far corners of your sink.

A unique feature of this faucet is that it is compatible with most reverse osmosis systems available on the market, and requires no modifications to its installation.


  • C-spout Design
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Pull Down Spray Head
  • Compatible With RO Systems

5. Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

This faucet is built for modern kitchens, but can also be used in any kitchen. It features a nice U-spout design, and comes in a variety of finishes to make sure that it matches the rest of your kitchen accessories and appliances.

Waterstone 3825-SC Fulton Single Handle Kitchen FaucetThe faucet has a smooth and sleek design which makes it perfect for most of today’s modern kitchens. The single lever control will allow you to change the water flow and temperature with ease, giving you a simple option that works for everyone.

The reason faucets are such a popular choice for kitchens these days is because of the widespread benefits that come with using them. They make clean-up easier, save time and effort by not having to wipe hands every time they need to be used, and they can be turned on or off with arms if you need to.

The 360-degree swivel spout makes this kitchen faucet easy to install and use. This is a great feature for people with limited access or those who have difficulty finding a faucet that fits their needs.

If you don’t have enough space to install a faucet with a right-hand or left-hand lever handle, look no further. This model allows you to install the handle however you like, and it can just be turned so that the spout is facing towards the sink.

This faucet is also compatible with reverse osmosis systems, so you won’t have to make any modifications to it. It can ensure a water flow of 2.2 GPM, making it very water efficient.


  • 360-degree Swivel Spout
  • Single Lever Control
  • U-spout Design

What types of Kitchen Faucets are available from Waterstone?

  1. Traditional Waterstone Faucet for Kitchen use – This type of faucet is made of a solid brass and steel material coated with chromium that has been finished with an appropriate coat for use in kitchen sinks and wash basins.

  2. Traditional Waterstone Faucet for Bathrooms – For bathroom use, finishing is done with nickel to help prevent the formation of rust and other dust particles.

  3. Contemporary Waterstone Faucets – These faucets are made of brass and steel coated with stainless steel, have a negligible price, and are known for easy maintenance.

  4. Modern Waterstone Faucets for Modular Kitchens – Modern ones are made of brass or stainless steel coated with chromium, which makes them aesthetically appealing.

Waterstone Faucet Pros and Cons


  • Waterstone Kitchen Faucets provide incredible designs and finishes.
  • Waterstone faucets are made of brass and are durable. They resist corrosion and last a long time.
  • They are highly efficient and come with high water flow rates
  • Many faucets come with a lot of amazing features, such as a lock that ensures the spray wand is always in place.


  • They are extremely expensive-With their high prices, these are definitely not for the medium or low budget buyers.
  • While they are aesthetically pleasing and relatively efficient, the Waterstone faucets don’t always offer the best value for money. You can find other decorative faucets that are better looking and perform better than Waterstone’s for much lower prices.

Waterstone Warranty

Learn more about the Waterstone Lifetime Functional WarrantyWarranty on Finishes, and more on their official site.  For warranty claims or questions about coverage, contact their customer service department.

They can be reached at 1-888-304-0660 from 6 AM to 5 PM PST.  Alternatively, you can send mail to this address: Waterstone Faucets, LLC 41180 Raintree Court Murrieta, CA 92562


Waterstone faucets are known for their excellent quality, but also for the higher price that comes with it.

Despite this, many people are willing to pay more for the better faucets because of the overall satisfaction they provide in terms of quality and longevity.

If you are looking for a modern and stylish kitchen, then you should definitely look into Waterstone faucets by checking out reviews online.

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