What Is The Best Shower Head Height? [Complete Guide]

A quick google search will tell you 80 inches from the bathroom floor is the best shower head height at which you should install your shower head. But contrary to popular opinion, like most of the things on this planet, the ideal height of a shower head does not follow a “one size fits all” principle.

There are other heights for a shower head as well, and they range from 95-96 inches to 72 inches. The shower head’s height generally depends on the height of the person using the shower, and one thing we all want to make sure of is that we don’t constantly want to bump our own head with the shower head while having a bath.

Why are there different standard shower head heights?

The standard 80 inches shower head height is suitable for an average height, ranging from anywhere above 5.5 feet. However, the ideal height for your shower head is based on factors like your own height, the height of other people in your house, and the space available in your bathroom.

Most of the hotels and guest houses have a shower head that is installed slightly above 80 inches because they serve people of different heights, and hence it won’t be a smart move to install the shower head at a standard height.

Ideally, a shower head should be a few inches above your head to avoid bumping into it while you have a shower after a long day. Also, one must consider the fact that different models of shower heads have different standard heights.

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Few Models With Their Best Shower Head Height

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Though the standard height of a wall-mounted shower head is 80 inches, the user should adjust the height according to their personal comfort and needs.

If the shower is to be used by many people who are present in the household, the height of every member barring children should be taken into consideration before affixing the shower head.

Rain Shower Heads

These shower heads have the widest surface area of all the shower head models. With a Rain shower head, the water pours directly on the head of the user.

The standard height for a rain shower head is 84 inches from the floor. These shower heads are ideal for households that have members of different heights.

Handheld Shower Heads

These are usually installed at the height of 72-78 inches above the bathroom floor. But if the user prefers to install a handheld shower at the height of a regular shower head, they are free to do so.

A handheld shower comes with a flexible hose which allows the user to use it as a handheld or a fixed shower. Handheld showers are ideal for households with kids as the shower can be adjusted according to the kids’ ever-changing height.

Final Words

Before choosing the shower head and selecting its height for installation, take into consideration the height of the tallest person in the household. Please consult with a plumber, architect, or contractor about the best shower head height before affixing it because the height cannot be changed again easily and would require reconstruction, and can be a bit costly.