Best Luxury Shower Heads In 2021 [Luxurious & Affordable]

Choosing a luxurious shower head needs a lot of things for consideration. You should be well aware of these shower heads’ features and not forget that some of the basic features like style, water flow, installation, or cleaning should be present in the product you choose.

To get a unique shower head that can be both luxurious and high quality at the same time, you need to do basic market research. Showering is an essential thing if you are one of those fanatics who dreams about taking an exotic shower every morning.

It has been found in a study that average Americans spend more than 2 hours in the shower in a day. You may think that a basic shower head can do the work properly, then why bring a luxury shower head?

You should know that luxurious ones will give you an assurance of durability, pressure style, and even aromas. If you think that selecting a high-quality shower head from the market is a difficult job for you, we are here to make your job easier. We have selected the 8 best luxury shower heads that are considered impeccable in the market now.

Please scroll down to check out the 8 products that we have chosen for you after researching for more than 6 weeks, and do not forget to find out which one is suitable for you. To make your purchase decision easier, we have described the products’ features in detail. Therefore, it is high time for you to look for the best luxury shower heads of 2021.

If you’re looking for a low-flow shower head, then you can read our reviews on it. Have you heard about LED lighting shower heads? We have recently listed some of the amazing LED shower heads that you might like.

Read our in-depth reviews and take your decision. So, are you ready?

Best Luxury Shower Heads In 2021 — Reviews

  1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Luxury Combo Shower
  2. American Standard 9035254.002 Shower
  3. SparkPod High-Pressure Luxury Shower
  4. DreamSpa Rainfall Combo Shower
  5. PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III
  6. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Combo Shower
  7. BRIGHT SHOWERS Premium Combo Shower
  8. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower

1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Luxury Combo Shower

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 10 Inches Luxury Rain Shower ReviewsFinding the right premium shower head to give you that rainfall shower feeling will be easier if you consider choosing an SR Sun Rise shower head. This one is unique in its own nature because this is the combo shower head that will give you the best showering feeling just the way you want.

The product has an L-style handheld shower along with an overhead shower. The material is made up of stainless steel that makes it perfectly durable and allows you to use the product for a prolonged period.

Durability is an essential factor for the shower heads, and you should ensure beforehand so that your purchase does not become unworthy. Imagine you may have bought a new apartment for your small family.

You will definitely want everything to be perfect, and that is why selecting a shower head is essential. This one will complete the look of your washroom and can also impress your guests readily.

The overhead shower has a solid brass shower mixer valve, and the shower head has a stainless steel hose. You can use both the shower at the same time to experience a unique showering experience.

The water pressure is perfect with powerful air energy technology. You will never have to be upset by thinking about the low water pressure problem. Moreover, the pause button will allow you to save a considerable amount of water too.

You can notice the changes when you will get the water bill. You can install this shower head in just a few minutes by following the instructions that come with the product package. The best thing is, you do not have to call a plumber to get the work done.

The 10-year warranty on the product is something to die for. Do not delay bringing this luxurious shower head home and enjoy the most relaxing shower session.

  • Shower head with rainfall massage settings.
  • Stainless steel material ensures durability.
  • Air energy technology to get the best water pressure.
  • Combo of the shower head and overhead shower.
  • Do not come with spray settings.

2. American Standard 9035254.002 Shower

American Standard 9035254.002 Spectra+ Duo 4-Function Shower Head ReviewThis shower head’s most innovative feature is the shower head’s dual combo and overhead shower attached in the same shower arm. This 2 in 1 design is one of the customers’ favorite choices, and most of them say that this saves the shower space and gives the best experience for a lifetime.

The product is featured with aqua toggle technology that allows you to change the shower mode instantly. The stainless steel material with the chrome finish body will give an elegant look and assurance of durability.

The dock lock also provides 100% security to the product so that there is no leakage and loose fittings issue with it. If you want to switch from the 4 functional spray settings that come with the product, you can use the divert paddle.

There is a soaking spray with full-body coverage. You can get the water pressure just the way you want, and you will also feel like you are showering under a huge waterfall. The shower head also has a drench and sensitive spray settings.

You will get a gentle and drench-like feeling when you use that spray setting. This will be bliss to you when you spray the water on your face after a heavy hectic day.

The most important thing is you can take your kids and pets for a bath easily when you use the sensor along with the power massage spray. The variety of sprays will allow you to get an exotic shower-like feeling.

This one will be a complete comfort and relaxation experience and will prove why we have added this as our second choice in the product list of luxury shower heads.

The chrome finish makes the product corrosion-resistant. You do not have to be worried about the stains of rust and lime buildup on the surface of the shower head.

Moreover, the silicon nozzles that are attached to the shower head are ready to clean without any manual effort. The installation process is easy, and you do not have to call a plumber to get the job done.

  • The combo shower head in one shower arm.
  • Switch buttons to change the mode.
  • 4 different shower spray settings.
  • Easy to clean and install.
  • No information about the warranty on the product.

3. SparkPod High-Pressure Luxury Shower

SparkPod High-Pressure Rain Shower Head ReviewSparkPod is one of the reputed brands in the market for shower heads. This brand has a series of different shower heads that make your showering time a complete package as if you are in a 5-star hotel.

When you bring home the Sparkpod shower head, you will be benefitted in different ways. The spray settings with the default high-pressure rain setting will help you get rid of the anxiety and tiredness of the whole day.

Back pain is a serious issue, and you will need prolonged treatment. You will notice that doctors suggest taking a warm water bath. If you go for a combo shower head and focus on the areas that have chronic pain, you can soon notice the changes and perform your daily activities more efficiently.

The shower head is made up of stainless steel. With a chrome finish, this material is the best thing to look for when you urge to make your investment worthwhile. The downpour of this high-pressure shower head can also be helpful in chronic pain.

You can focus on the areas that have acute pain. The warm water downpour will help you get relief from the pain, and doing daily activities will become easy. The shower heads have easy-to-clean nozzles rubber nozzles that are covered with ABS plastic.

You do not have to put any manual effort into cleaning the shower head. It has the feature of self-cleaning technology and can easily remove the bacteria and mineral build-up inside it.

Moreover, it can also prevent hard water deposits from accumulating and hindering the water flow. The product comes with Teflon tape and an additional water filter.

You do not have to help any plumber fix this shower head inside the shower arm. Just follow the step-by-step DIY guide that comes as the instruction manual and save those extra bucks for sure.

  • Rainfall high water pressure shower head.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Easy to clean nozzles with self-cleaning technology.
  • Chrome finish and easy installation
  • No lifetime warranty on the product.

4. DreamSpa Rainfall Combo Shower

DreamSpa Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Shower Combo ReviewDreamSpa is one of the brands that can make your dream come true with the shower head’s most unique and exotic features. This one has a multi-setting shower head with a combo feature.

You will get an overhead shower along with a handheld shower. These combo shower heads are a good investment as you can get an accomplished showering session just by investing once.

The high-power handheld shower has a chrome finish that can give you the ultimate comfort for showering. The 4 inches shower head with chrome finish has 7 different spray settings – rainfall, pulsating massage, hydro-mist, and also a water-saving model.

You can use this mode to save water when you shampoo your hair or scrub your body. This one will also save your water bill at the end of the month. So, you see, with a one-time investment, you can enjoy a long-time money-saving process.

The handheld shower has a 5 ft long stainless steel shower hose. This is quite flexible and can be moved all over your body and focus on the area with chronic pain. You can release the anxiety and stress of the hectic day in a jiffy.

The product also ensures a tool-free installation, which you do yourself without the help of any plumber. Just follow the instructions on the product manual and get the shower head fixed into your shower arm within just a few minutes.

There is no lifetime warranty on the product, though; however, it ensures 30 days replacement if any manufacturing defect is found. Another reason to go for this shower head is its affordability.

DreamSpa is such a brand that can give you quality products at a budget-friendly rate. Do not worry, as it will never add to your financial worries.

  • Combo shower head with handheld shower.
  • Stainless steel shower hose with flexibility.
  • Easy to clean nozzles.
  • No plumber is needed for installation.
  • Warranty on the product is not disclosed.

5. PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III

PULSE ShowerSpas 1011-III-BN Kauai III Rain Shower System ReviewThe pre-plumbed combo shower head can be one of your choices when you wish to make a wise choice with luxury shower heads. The most innovative part about this product is, you do not need a remodel, and it can be easily installed in your existing shower arm.

No changes are needed as you can use your existing water lines and valves to get the exact water flow that you require. This is an 8 inches rain shower head with a handheld shower and hose that completes your shower session by providing you the utmost comfort.

The rubber clean jets with soft tips are easy to clean and clear out all the hard water deposits that will gradually grow inside your shower head. There is a 5 function shower head with an overhead shower that will help you enjoy various water flow types.

There is a double interlocking system that guarantees no leakage and a tight lock system while you shower. The stainless steel hose is flexible enough and will allow you to focus on the areas that have chronic pain.

The water flow is beneficial to instantly release the whole day’s pain, anxiety, and tiredness. The shower head has an adjustable height brass slide bar with a wire basket soap dish. It keeps the soap easily accessible when you take a shower.

You can use both the shower head simultaneously by switching from one to the other one with just a button. The 5 spray settings also have a water pause and saving mode. You can stop the water flow when you are using soap or shampooing your hair.

The installation process is also trouble-free as you can do it all by yourself. Your shower head can be fixed within just a few minutes, and you can quickly get it done by following the instructions that are given in the manual.

There is also a lifetime warranty on the product. Go for it if you think that changing all the pipelines for using the water valve will be costly for you.

  • No need to change the shower arm.
  • It can be fitted easily.
  • Combo shower head with 5 functioning handheld shower.
  • Lifetime warranty on the product
  • Customer service is not up to the mark.

6. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Combo Shower

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower Head Handheld Combo ReviewOne brand with multiple products can be of great advantage. DreamSpa Ultra-luxury shower head is, therefore, our second choice from this brand for our product list. We have chosen this shower head for you due to a lot of reasons.

Read on if you want to know in detail. You can get this product at affordable rates and with a convenient push-button for flow control. The handheld shower has different spray functioning, and you can switch between both overhead and handheld shower heads quickly with just a button.

You just have to push the button with your thumb and get the exact water flow that you require. You can place the handheld shower head anywhere you need and enjoy the showering session.

The high-pressure rainfall shower head will help you get that exotic feeling of getting the waterfall-like feeling. The shower head comes with rub-clean jets with silicon nozzles.

There is no hassle with the cleaning, and you can enjoy an unhindered flow of water. The lime buildup and other mineral deposits can be easily wiped out with the shower head’s self-cleaning technology.

Another marvelous feature is the spray settings that come with the handheld shower. The settings like mist, power saver, rain massage, and push-button will help you adjust the flow of the water just the way you want.

The rub-clean easy jets with a push-button effectively clean the sediment and hard water deposits from the water. You can get that refreshed feeling while taking a shower early in the morning or after a hectic day.

The tools-free installation is another benefit of this shower head. You do not need any complex tools and do not have to call a plumber to fix the shower head. With some of the instructions given in the manual, you can get it done.

  • 6 spray settings with water-saving mode.
  • Flow restrictor with a stainless steel body.
  • Chrome finish assures durability.
  • No need to call a plumber.
  • No lifetime warranty.

7. BRIGHT SHOWERS Premium Combo Shower

BRIGHT SHOWERS Premium Handheld/Rainfall Shower Combo ReviewCombo shower heads are something to die for. When you are planning to make an investment, it is always wise to go for a dual combo shower head that can easily be used just the way you want.

You can go for this shower head due to a lot of reasons. First of all, its oil-rubbed finish gives it a completely different and elegant look that would be perfect for your small and cozy bathroom.

Another important thing is, you do not need any shower arm to get it fixed. That is why the installation is even easier than any other shower head that you wish to buy. You do not have to call any plumber to get this shower head installed.

Following the instructions given in the product manual will do it all for you. The 5ft long stainless steel pipe with a bronze finish will help you to move the handheld shower all over the body.

You will get an anti-twist conical nut connector with the handheld shower, with which you can adjust the angle of the handheld shower and get the water flow on the areas that need it the most.

The strong water flow will help release stress and anxiety and help eliminate chronic muscle pain. The products come with washers and Teflon tape. You do not have to keep a lot of tools for installation.

Get ready to enjoy the spa-like effect while showering right in your own bathroom. However, the product does not offer a lifetime warranty, but it does have a replacement guarantee if any manufacturing defect is found. Are you ready to get it?

  • Dual combo shower head.
  • Stainless steel durable hose pipe.
  • No issue with installation.
  • Comes in oil rubbed finish.
  • Replacement guarantee
  • No lifetime warranty with the product

8. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Hard Water Shower Head ReviewAquaHomegroup is a reputed name in the list of premium shower heads. It goes without saying that most of the customers depend on Aqua group when it comes to investing in a shower head.

You can reply to the products of this group due to a lot of reasons. This luxury filtered shower head is excellent for hard water deposits. If you are one of those unfortunate souls who deal with flaky scalp and dry skin due to hard water, this one is just the last option for you.

No matter how much you try, a regular shower head will not be able to filter the harmful chemicals that hard water consists of. However, the Aqua filtered shower head has an internal filter cartridge with Vitamin C+E extract.

This will remove all the sediments and chemical deposits and allow you to get fresh and healthy water. Eventually, you can get extremely healthy skin and hair after each shower session. The body of this filtered shower head is extremely revitalizing.

You can get Alkaline ceramic balls along with activated carbon that will keep the shower head shiny and clean for a prolonged period. Water purification is essential so that your skin and hair remain healthy.

This filtered shower head ensures the same. The installation process is entirely effortless as you do not need to call a plumber or get any hardy tool for it.

You can just follow the DIY instructions that come with the product packaging and get it done within just a few minutes. Apart from that, the stainless steel body also makes it durable, and you can enjoy corrosion and a rust-free shower head too.

  • Internal filter to clean hard water deposits.
  • Stainless steel metal to ensure durability.
  • Easy installation.
  • Alkaline ceramic balls with activated carbon
  • No warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I go for a dual shower head?

Most of the customers often get confused while buying the best luxury shower heads in 2021. Some think that a single overhead shower is enough, and some go for a dual combo. However, it is always good to invest in a combo shower head to get that ultimate luxury that you are looking for.

It is important to make your investment worthwhile when you are buying a shower head. A dual shower head has a lot of benefits like different spray modes, anti-swivel nut lock, and more. You will get to enjoy all of these luxuries when you go for it.

2. Will the hard water deposits be removed in these shower heads?

Some shower heads have an internal cartridge system that reduces the hard water deposits and clears out all the sediments and other harmful chemicals that remain inside the shower head.

This helps in water purification and quickly makes sure that your skin and hair remain healthy. You can bid adieu to your dry skin and flaky scalp problems when you bring home a luxurious shower head with an internal filter.

3. Will I get spray modes with these shower heads?

This is the most luxurious part of these shower heads. Most of the products come with a lot of spray settings that can fulfill all your showering needs in a single session.

You can use rainfall mode, wide spray, massage spray, mist spray, and more to satisfy all your needs. With the help of these spray settings, you can focus on the areas that have muscle inflammation or chronic pain and release stress and anxiety at the same time.

4. How to install these shower heads?

These shower heads can be installed easily by following the instructions that come with the product package. Almost every product is flexible to standard shower arms and needs a tools-free installation process.

You can do it all by yourself without even the help of a professional plumber. This is the easiest and the most beneficial thing about purchasing a shower head.

5. What about the warranty for these products?

If you go through the product list given above, you will know that some of the products offer a lifetime warranty. Choosing one such product is indeed a benefit as you do not have to be worried about the manufacturing defects or any other issue that can pop up in the middle of your showering session.

Some of the products have replacement guarantees too. Check out in details and choose the one that you think is most convenient for you.

6. How durable are these products?

Most of the products are made up of stainless steel and are chrome-finished polishing. Stainless steel is the hardest metal and ensures 100% durability. This chrome finish will maintain that shiny look on the shower head too. Rust and corrosion will never make a mark or water spot on the shower head.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

Buying Tips To Remember

When you wish to invest in the best luxury shower heads, you need to remember some of the factors to make your purchase worthwhile.

  • Make sure to check the material:

Material is one of the essential things of a shower head. Make sure you are going for a stainless steel shower head and not a plastic one. A plastic shower head won’t last for long, and it will never give you that exact luxurious feeling that you are looking for.

  • Check the warranty on the product:

It is good to go for products that have a lifetime warranty. Shower heads can have various difficulties. If you choose a product that has a lifetime warranty, you can be headache-free.

  • Be conscious of the brand:

The quality of the product largely depends on the brand you choose. We have selected all the top brands on the market that have earned their reputation in manufacturing high-quality bathroom accessories. You can choose from the list or do your research well before giving the final call.

  • Know about installation:

Do not choose a product that needs a plumber for installation. Most of the products come with an instruction manual for the installation, which you can follow and do all by yourself.

When you are decorating your small apartment, then choosing a good shower head for your bathroom should be detailed research and the best one. This guide will help you get a quality product and make sure that your money is not wasted.

Go through the product list and read all the features in detail. If your ideas are clear, you can easily choose a good product and enjoy a luxurious shower every single day. If you are looking for a handheld shower head with low water pressure, then you can read our guide on it.

Do not forget to share your thoughts with us when you buy the best luxury shower heads in 2021 for your bathroom.

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