Kohler Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review: The Best of the Best

If you’re like me, you hate having to touch germy faucets. Especially in the kitchen where food is handled. But with a traditional faucet, there’s no way to avoid it. Unless, of course, you have a Kohler touchless faucet. Just sweep your hand under the faucet and it turns on! No need to touch anything dirty. And if you have kids, they’ll love being able to turn the water on and off without ever having to touch anything icky. Plus, they come in lots of different finishes so you can find one that matches your kitchen decor perfectly.

We’ve gathered some Kohler touchless kitchen faucet reviews from real customers to help you decide if this is the right choice for your needs.

3 Best Kohler Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review 2022

1. KOHLER Barossa Touchless Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER Barossa Touchless Kitchen FaucetOne of my favorite Kohler touchless faucets is the Barossa. It’s a beautiful Vibrant stainless steel faucet that looks great in any kitchen. Kohler Barossa comes with a single sensor which is located under the neck of the spout. The location of the sensor is convenient to avoid accidental triggering. It has a range up to 6 inches and has an activation window t avoid any false activations.

Once the faucet is turned ON it will keep working to a length of 4 minutes unless turned off. The sensors can be turned off by rotating a small knob on the side of its control unit. It may be a little small for your fingers, so use a screwdriver.

The spout of the faucet has a pulldown spray head. The faucet turns on while you pull down the head. Once turned on you can select between two spray modes; spray and stream. Inside the spout is a magnet that helps to dock the head back in position.

Like most other touchless faucets the Barossa model too has a handle. This handle, located on the right-hand side, can be used to control the water flow rate as well as its temperature.


  • Response technology used to make sure reliable touchless operation
  • Sweep spray creates a wide spray that is powerful enough to wash off any sticky food wastes.
  • The MasterClean spray face used on the faucet is easy to clean
  • Precision activation window to avoid accidental triggerings
  • DockNetik magnetic docking system helps to lock the spray in place.

2. KOHLER Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER Sensate Touchless Kitchen FaucetThe Kohler touchless kitchen faucet is a revolutionary new way to operate your sink. Kohler Sensate faucet has only one touchless sensor. Just wave your hand under the spout, and it automatically turns on or off! You don’t have to touch anything icky ever again! No more dirty hands in the kitchen!

The motion sensor responds within 20 milliseconds. Kohler has added an unnoticeable response window to avoid any false activations. The range of this sensor is restricted to 6 inches towards the base so that it won’t be accidentally triggered while you are washing anything inside the sink.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants a touchless kitchen faucet. The Kohler Sensate is easy to install and comes with everything you need, including the mounting hardware. It features an innovative sensor that detects your hand movement and turns on or off automatically as needed. Plus, it has a convenient pull-down spray head with two different modes: stream and spray.

Kohler offers a warranty period of 5 years for all faucet components but labor is not covered. In case you are using this touchless faucet in a commercial setting the warranty period is limited to 1 year.


  • Sweep Spray creates a powerful spray to easily wash off any sticky food particles.
  • DockNetik technology – this magnetic locking system located inside the spout helps to securely lock the spray head.
  • ProMotion technology allows easy handling of the faucet in any direction you want.
  • MasterClean spray face prevents the build-up of any mineral build-up and makes cleaning easier.
  • There is an LED light at the base of the faucet that lets you know it is ready for operation.

3. Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet
This is one of Kohler’s most popular touchless kitchen faucets. Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet uses the innovative touchless technology that has been around for a while, but it is still a modern high-tech feature for most kitchens.

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet comes with a speedy sensor that will respond to your hand motions within 20 milliseconds, making it the fastest touchless kitchen faucet. Kohler Malleco also has an activation window to avoid any false activations.

Triggering the sensor turns your touchless kitchen faucet on, which will automatically be deactivated, turning off the water flow after four minutes of inactivity. It prevents flooding and wastage of water if you forget to turn off the water. It is another useful and hygienic feature of a touchless kitchen faucet because you don’t need to turn off the water flow yourself every time.

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucets come with pre-assembled supply lines and smart color-coded quick-connect fittings making DIY installation of faucet easy. It supports 1,2,3 or 4-hole sink configurations. The Kohler’s faucet is provided with a longer mounting shank making it fit perfectly for installation on 2½ inches thick countertops.

Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Response technology provides reliable touchless on/off operation through a state-of-the-art sensor that responds in 20 milliseconds
  • DockNetik magnetic docking system securely locks the sprayhead into place when not in use
  • Powered by six AA batteries. AC power adapter is also available (sold separately)
  • Single-lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy
  • High-arch spout offers superior clearance for filling pots and cleaning
  • KOHLER ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards for a lifetime of durable performance
  • Two-function pull-down sprayhead allows you to switch from aerated stream to Sweep spray


We hope that you found our Kohler touchless kitchen faucet review helpful and now you can buy one for your house.

If you have any questions about the Kohler touchless kitchen faucet then do leave us a message in the comments down below and we will reply to it ASAP.


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