Best Handheld Shower Heads In 2022 [Expert Choices]

Shower Head 1
Moen 26112SRN Six-Function Handheld Shower Head
  • Multi-shower spray settings.
  • Multiple control buttons.
  • Easy installtion process.
  • Supreme performance.

HammerHead All Metal Handheld Shower Head
  • All metal with a reliable chrome finish.
  • Install it without any hassle.
  • World-class customer service.
  • Top-notch quality.

Moen 26009 Handheld Rain Shower Head
  • Beautiful and elegant combo shower head.
  • Magnetic docking system.
  • Different spray settings.
  • Prolonged soothing and supreme water flow.

Finding the best handheld shower heads in 2022 is not a turkey shoot if you do your research well. First, you have to find out a shower head that can meet all your requirements without digging a hole in your pocket.

A handheld shower head offers an exotic spa-like experience to you. However, the best part of these shower heads is the easy-to-access facility with the convenient water flow that you desire.

Sometimes, users often get perplexed about the type of shower heads. They also remain in a dilemma, thinking about whether you should invest in a handheld shower or a rain shower.

However, in this detailed guide, we have answered all your questions and tried to make the purchase process easier for you. While making the purchase, you can be astonished by the plethora of options available in the marketplace.

If you get perplexed about the shower heads that are being presented to you, this article is the perfect place for you. We have listed the 12 best handheld shower heads in 2022 that have impeccable features to die for. We will also discuss the features in detail so that your selection process simplifies.

This guide will help you to find out the best shower head so that you can get a blissful shower experience right at your home. So let’s get started.

Best Handheld Shower Heads In 2022 — Reviews

1. Delta Faucet Touch-Clean Handheld Shower Head

Delta Faucet Hand Held Shower Head With Massage ReviewThe shower head from the family of Delta Faucet is famous for its lifetime warranty. You can enjoy the powerful water flow with this handheld shower by installing it quickly in the shower arm.

The primary benefit of handheld showers is the facility of holding and spraying in focused areas. In addition, the flow of warm water on the inflamed muscles can help to release stress and anxiety.

You can control the water pressure with seven different water flow modes. Use it just the way you want as it gives you the options of impeccable spray settings like wide full body spray, drenching spray, massage spray, energy-saving spray, and more.

The ultimate shower experience with this Delta Faucet handheld shower is possible because of its invigorating massaging jets. This shower head’s cleaning process is also easy because of its easy to detach and clean feature.

It has touch-clean spray holes, which are rubber nozzles. So you can open and clean every lime and chemical deposit trouble-freely. Another added feather to the cap is the pause button that comes with this handheld shower head.

You can easily pause the water flow whenever you need. The temperature setting helps to maintain that comfortable temperature of the water, and you can continue with other works like shaving, massaging, and more during shower time with ease.

The mounting type is a wall-mount, and the hosepipe of almost 72 inches makes it convenient to use them just the way you want. So get ready to bring this Delta Faucet shower head home and enjoy the lifetime warranty on the product.

2. AquaDance Premium High-Pressure Combo Shower Head

AquaDance Premium High-Pressure Rainfall Combo Shower Head ReviewIn our best-picked handheld shower head, we have chosen the AquaDance shower head for many reasons. First, this shower head is tested by the professional team of shower heads in the US, and they have given the certificate that this one is entirely safe to use.

This shower head is a combo pack of both overhead and handheld showers. Taking this for your home will give you immense pleasure and an exotic shower experience just that you dreamt of.

This premium six settings 7 inches shower head is perfect for drenching spray, wide spray, jet spray, and more. The drenching spray coverage is ensured due to the high-power click level dial.

The angle-adjustable feature is the added benefit of this product as you can rotate the angles just the way you want to get the ultimate pleasure of showering. In addition, the rub-clean jets allow you to wipe out the cluttered lime and other chemical deposits easily.

The combo of the overhead shower also has the same features. You can use it to get the best rain-like water flow. The six settings spray are added impeccable advantages as you can enjoy mist like water flow, drench experience, rain massage, and water-saving at the same time.

For the handheld shower, the ergonomic grip handle is best for holding the shower head tight and focusing on various areas where you need to get that water pressure. The shower head also has a 3-way water diverter to easily switch the water flow from handheld to overhead.

If you want to fix the shower head at a point instead of holding it during the shower session, you can use the anti-swivel position lock nut to get that secure connection of the water flow.

The hose is of stainless steel that makes it corrosion resistant and increases its durability, and the shower heads have a modern design with a chrome finish to make your bathroom elegant when you install it.

3. WASSA High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

WASSA High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head ReviewThe WASSA high-pressure shower head can provide you with immense satisfaction with its nine distinct spray setting features. This also has a pause mode that can give you an easy way to conserve water whenever you need to do it.

Even if you have problems with low water, you can solve them quickly by bringing home a WASSA handheld shower head. It has the feature of a powerful spray to give you that comfort along with rain like showering experience.

The nine different setting sprays have wide, jet, rain, mist, drench, and more. The power-saving mode is the best to stop the water flow if you do not need it at that moment.

The handheld shower can give you a spa-like experience with the 360-degree adjustable angle feature. You can get the shower head’s flexibility with the chrome finish hose pipe and enjoy the relaxing water pressure just the way you need.

From massage to mist, you can simply set the mood by selecting any shower setting spray. The push-button is essential to pause the water flow when you need to put soap or shampoo and then again resume to rinse those off.

The handheld shower has 41 silicon jets that are easily detached, and you can clean the lime and hard water deposits from the shower head. So you can maintain that supreme performance of the shower head by cleaning these hard deposits quickly.

You can also clean the deep fixture of your bathroom by using the jet spray. Enjoy the superior spa quality by cleaning the shower head occasionally. Set the temperature and control the water flow quickly to get perfect pressure. The shower head is also easy to install with a wall-mounted facility.

4. Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

Lokby High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head ReviewIf you want to get a multi-functional shower head for your bathroom to change the look and get that touch of elegance, bring this high-pressure handheld shower head.

This is a shower head kit that aids you in managing the low to high water pressure according to your preference. It has a pressure-increasing stream feature that allows you to get the flow at high velocity, and the low water pressure issue gets compensated automatically.

This shower head also has six different spray setting features to give you that ultimate comfort when you take your shower. The full body wide spray is impeccable for focusing on the areas that have chronic pain and inflammation.

The easy-to-clean nozzles are an added benefit for you. You can detach the nozzles easily and clear out every lime and hard water deposit that hinders your water flow. You can also pause and release the water flow.

The installation process is another reason for choosing this shower head. You can fit the shower head in any standard shower arm in the wall-mounted installation process instantly. The security nuts are an added benefit to ensure safety whenever you use the shower head.

The hosepipe is flexible at 72 inches to get the water pressure on the area that you require. The high-quality ABS material chrome finish gives the shower head an exclusive design. Your bathroom will look elegant once you bring this shower head home.

The shower head is made up of stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. This helps to make the product durable enough so that it can give you a prolonged performance. So enjoy the ultimate shower experience by bringing home this High-Pressure handheld shower head.

5. Delta Faucet 2-in-1 Hand Held Dual Shower Head

Delta Faucet 2-in-1 Hand Held Dual Shower Head ReviewThis shower head will give you a magic-like shower experience with its dual handheld feature. In addition, the lifetime warranty is ensured in every Delta Faucet product, and that is indeed an added advantage.

However, there are some other beneficial features that you can enjoy when you bring home this four spray touch clean dual handheld shower. You can enjoy an intense water flow with a powerful spray.

It has a dual head in the shower from where you can control the water flow and change the mode just the way you want. The steady water flow with controlled water pressure will help you to get the spa experience right at your home.

The touch-clean spray holes are impeccable for an easy cleaning process. You can simply touch the nozzles and clean those instantly. In addition, the lime and hard water deposits will be cleared just by a touch—this aids in saving a lot of time.

The product has a WaterSense label that is meant to save water almost 20% more than the regular ones. In addition, the touch nozzles will help to clean the deposits just by a touch.

You will have to do that regularly so that you can ensure an unhindered water flow when you take your shower. The chrome finish with stainless steel material is one of the best things that will compel you to bring this home.

The chrome finish will give that sophisticated look to your bathroom. Apart from that, stainless steel also makes it corrosion-resistant. The durability of the product is ensured due to this stainless steel material.

The hosepipe is 72 inches and extremely flexible so that you can take a shower by revolving the shower head all over your body. The spray settings help you get different modes like the wide, jet, drench, or mist.

The installation of the shower head is also easy with wall-mounted type. The best part is, you do not have to call a plumber to get it installed. You can do it by yourself when if you have a standard toolbox in your home.

6. Waterpik High-Pressure Powerpulse Handheld Shower

Waterpik High-Pressure Powerpulse Massage Handheld ReviewThe 7-mode handheld shower head is extremely efficient for your comfortable shower experience. In addition, the massage spray with powerful water flow will give you the utmost comfort of rain with 2X water force.

The seven spray settings mode helps you switch from one mode to another by pressing the switch. The Waterpik High-Pressure handheld shower has modes to get massage spray, wide spray, jet spray, and more so that you can focus the area on getting that soothing effect to ease muscle tension and anxiety.

A warm and soothing shower after a hectic day is very effective in releasing tension and making all your stress go away—the adjustable bracket of the handheld shower aids in revolving the shower head in the focused area. In addition, the 5-foot hose is flexible enough so that you can move the pipe according to your requirement.

The DIY easy installation process is also another added feather to the cap. You can save the money of the plumber that you do not need to call one at all. The DIY method is impeccable, as you can install it within just a few minutes.

You can upgrade your shower experience just by investing a small amount because the WaterPik shower head is exceptionally affordable. In addition, the professional customer support team is beneficial and is available 24*7 so that you can call them and get any issue sorted in a jiffy.

7. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower Head

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower Head Handheld Combo ReviewThe name of the product just signifies the sensation that it gives you. DreamSpa ultra-luxury is the 9 inches shower head that will aid in fulfilling your dream of a spa shower experience. This luxurious rainfall shower head will help you control the water flow and comfortable bathing in soothing water flow.

The convenient push-button will help control the water pressure, and you will quickly get the exact flow of water you need to take a shower. In addition, the combo shower head that comes with a rainfall shower head has seven different spray settings.

The control switch button aid you to shift from the handheld to rainfall shower head instantly. Moreover, the setting spray has wide, jet, mist, drench, and rainfall massage options, which you can use according to your preference.

The overall square design of the rainfall with 9 inches and more than 300 rubber nozzles are sufficient to provide you with the rainfall massage. The rubber nozzles are very easy to clean and allow an unhindered water flow by clearing out every lime and hard water deposit.

The premium chrome finish and stainless steel material are of high quality and elegant. The chrome finish will give the shower head a stylish and shiny look. In addition, the luxurious waterfall settings will be possible as this stainless steel material helps keep the shower head rust-free.

The warranty of the product is also another advantage that you should enjoy by making the purchase. The return policy of the product is also easy and hassle-free. The easy to operation Dreamspa handheld shower can meet every requirement and preference that you have for your showering needs.

8. Moen 26112SRN Six-Function Handheld Shower Head

Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetix Handheld Shower Head ReviewMoen is one of the reputed brands for bathroom equipment that you can easily trust when you wish to decorate your shower room. The 5.5 inches shower head is one such product that can add the taste of elegance to the small bathroom of your small apartment.

There are a lot of benefits of this Moen shower head that you should die for. First, the magnetic base allows you to detach the shower head effortlessly and clean the deposit of hard water.

Another feature is the spot-resistant feature of the shower head that aids in keeping the water and fingerprint spot at bay. You can enjoy the multi-shower spray settings with this shower head. The control button is easy to check the water pressure and get the flow just the way you want.

There is no risk with the installation process when you bring this shower head home. You do not have to call the plumber to install the shower head. Just follow the instructions, and you can quickly get the work done.

Make sure to fit the shower head into the shower arm tightly so that the supreme performance of the shower head is maintained. While making the purchase, do not forget to check the warranty on the product.

The kink-free metal hose is also very flexible and gives you immense satisfaction while you use the product. So do not delay if you wish to buy a chrome finish elegant shower head and get this Moen shower head to the earliest.

9. AquaDance High-Pressure Handheld Rainfall Shower

AquaDance High-Pressure Handheld Rainfall Shower Combo ReviewThis is not an ordinary shower head because it has some fantastic features that will make you go ‘wow.’ The first feature that is different from the others is the anti-clogging feature that helps to clear out the hard water deposits that often clutter and make your shower experience more energetic.

The shower nozzles are made up of Revolutionary Micro Ban technology that restricts the growth of mold. Bacteria and mildew. The rubber design is extremely flexible and allows you to rub and clean the deposits thoroughly.

The removal of calcium and mineral deposits also becomes comfortable with the easily detachable nozzles. So when you clean this shower head easily, you can enjoy a healthy shower every day.

It is necessary to regularly remove the bacterial and other lime deposits regularly not to develop any skin or hair-related disease. The high-pressure shower head with 30 nozzles can give you the best shower feeling. The adjustable angle can also be turned according to your preferences.

Cleaning the shower head will no longer be a hassle when you bring this antimicrobial shower head. It has in-built micro ban technology that helps to keep the nozzles clean. Apart from that, the easy to detach rubber nozzles also make it simpler for you to clear away the hard water deposit and lime.

The latest design is something you cannot miss when you see the product. The blue color nozzles make it look beautiful and elegant. The bathroom of your small apartment will look so dazzling that you can impress your guests instantly.

The installation process is also easy as this best shower head can easily be fitted in any standard shower arm in a wall-mounted form. You do not have to call a plumber to get the job done. You simply have to follow the instruction given on the product packaging to complete the task.

Ensure a supreme performance for a prolonged time by checking the warranty of the product. This six spray settings shower head with stainless steel hose will allow you to get the water pressure that gives you the extreme pleasure of showering.

The 3-zone dial is another benefit that will compel you to buy the product. In addition, the combo shower head with a quick switch will allow you to move from one handheld to another in a jiffy.

10. Moen 26009 Handheld Rain Shower Head

Moen 26009 Handheld Rain Shower Head 2-in-1 Combo ReviewThis is also another beautiful and elegant combo shower head that can give you immense satisfaction when you take a shower. The chrome finish of the Moen shower head comes with a rain shower head as well. In addition, it has a magnetic docking system that will aid in detaching the shower head effortlessly.

You can enjoy the different spray settings of this handheld shower head. The same settings come with the rain shower head too.
It has a kink-free metal hose that is flexible enough to move it all over and around the body to get an accomplished shower.

The stainless steel metal hose and the chrome finish of the shower head make the product extremely durable. You can enjoy a prolonged soothing and supreme water flow for a long time due to the material it is made up of.

The lifetime warranty is the best part of the product. The stainless steel makes the product durable because of the corrosion and rust-resistant feature. The easy-to-detach rubble nozzles can be cleaned without any trouble.

The lime and hard water deposits and other chemicals will wipe away by one instant wash. Again you can rearrange the shower head easily. Some simple tool-kit can do the installation process. It is not a turkey shoot, and you do not have to call a plumber to complete the work.

This is not only time-saving, but also you can save some amount of your bucks by doing it yourself. With the variety of spray settings starting from rain massage to drench to mist, you can enjoy a full-on shower. In addition, the water pressure can be controlled with a button.

Moreover, the temperature control feature also comes with this handheld combo shower head. The innovative magnetic docking system is exclusive to this shower head.

11. HammerHead All Metal Handheld Shower Head

HammerHead All Metal Handheld Shower Head ReviewThere is no chance of break and leak when you bring home this All Metal handheld shower head. The hose and holder are all metal with a reliable chrome finish that makes them extremely durable.

When you invest in a handheld shower, you will definitely want it to provide supreme performance. This shower head is also filled with exclusive features that too at this price point.

This shower head is made up of commercial-grade materials like brass and stainless steel. Therefore, you do not have to think about replacing or repairing them in the near future.

The rubber nozzles can be detached easily so that you can clear out the deposits of hard water. Without any plumbing experience, you can install the shower head by saving a lot of time and money.

The connection sizes are compatible with any shower arm. You do not have to look for any extra tool, parts, or adapter to get it fixed. Putting shampoo on your hair or taking your bath for kids will no longer be a hassle when you install this shower head in your bathroom.

Rinsing off the soap and hair mask will be more comfortable when you revolve the 72 inches hose all around your body. World-class customer service is the best thing about this product.

Get it installed by following every instruction, from tightening the washer to fixing the shower head that is given on the product packaging.

12. SR Sun Rise High-Pressure Shower Head

SR Sun Rise High-Pressure Shower Head ReviewThis certified shower head is large in size. You can get a comfortable shower experience with this beautiful and handheld shower. The rain-like enjoyment is possible with these 77 water outlets.

The hosepipe is 96 inches, which is flexible enough to focus the areas and release tension and stress from muscles. The exclusive features of this shower head are the explosion-proof design with a high density of 304 stainless steel tubes.

The product becomes durable due to the materials used to manufacture the product. The brass ball joint with the mount shower arm is robust enough. It also has an ABS plastic cover with a brass fitting that can prevent crack and leak.

The six function settings are impeccable to give you that heavenly shower experience after a tiring day. The six sprays are rainfall, power massage, rainfall+spray, water save trickle, drench, and mist.

The high strength of water flow can aid you in relieving pain and muscle tension. In addition, it can guarantee optimal performance with hands-free operation.

No tools are needed to install the shower head. The shower arm of standard size is perfect for getting this shower head installed. You will get a 36-month warranty on the product along with good and decent customer service.

The rubber nozzles can be easy to open and clear out the wipe out the deposits. You should clean the nozzles frequently so that you can enjoy high-quality water pressure. Book your order and get the shower head installed without delay.

What Should You Do To Maintain Your Shower Head?

To maintain your shower head and ensure a supreme performance with perfect massage, you need to follow specific steps:
Make sure to install the shower head by following the instructions correctly.

There are instructions given on the product packaging. You have to follow the instructions thoroughly to get the work done. A standard toolbox is enough for the work, and you do not have to call a plumber.

Most of the products have rubber nozzles that ate detachable. You have to detach the nozzles and clear the deposits of hard water. Do clean the nozzles frequently so that you can enjoy an unhindered water flow.

You have to tighten the shower arm so that it gets fixed properly. Also, you need to make sure that the shower head is tightly fixed not to come out when you use the shower.

Know about the warranty of the product before buying. This will help you to extend the durability of the best handheld shower heads.

These steps will help you ensure the product’s durability and allow you to get the perfect water flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a handheld shower head equivalent to a rain shower head?

A shower head will not have a lot all rubber nozzles. So, if you think that a typical rain shower massage flow will be possible through the rain shower head, then it cannot be the case. But, a shower head also has rubber nozzles of around 77-80 with a flexible hose. This hose pipe will allow you to get the water flowing according to your preference. You can also focus on muscle areas to get relieved from pain with high warm water pressure.

2. Which material of the shower head makes it durable?

Durability is the supreme factor of a shower head. When you invest in it, you have to make sure that the product gives the ultimate performance. Stainless steel metal is one of the best materials for a shower head. Metal base shower heads are corrosion resistant and rust-resistant. The metal will make the product last for a long. The chrome finish design of the stainless steel material will also look classy and elegant at the same time.

3. How long should be the hose pipe of a handheld shower head?

The inches of the pipes should be long and flexible. If you want to get the best handheld shower heads, you have to buy one that has at least 70-80 inches of hose pipe along with a holder. This will allow you to focus on the areas of your body that are inflamed and have chronic pain.

4. Should I buy a combo shower head?

A combination of rain and a handheld shower head is always a plus for you. The price can be a bit expensive, but this will fulfill all your showering needs trouble-freely. A handheld shower can be used to move all around the body quickly. The rain shower head is impeccable to give you an overall body massage. This can be a beneficial decision for you.

5. How many settings spray does a handheld shower head have?

Handheld shower heads mainly have six settings spray in general. These settings will give you the utmost satisfaction of showering by changing the water spray modes whenever you feel like it. For example, you can change the modes from drizzle to mist to rain massage to water saving. This water-saving mode will help you save water up to 20% and cut down the energy bill.

6. Will the handheld shower head work in low water pressure?

These handheld shower heads have in-built features to work on low water pressure. If you have low water pressure, you can also use this shower head to complete your bathing session. There are different modes of shower head setting sprays. You can easily use that mode to get rid of the low water pressure issue.

7. How to clean the hard water deposits?

The detachable rubber nozzles should be opened and cleaned regularly. However, some of the shower heads come with water filters and other features to extract the chemicals from the hard water. When you clean the hard water deposit, you can save your hair and skin from harmful chemicals. This is essential to clean the rubber nozzles frequently in order to keep the water flow intact.

8. How expensive these shower heads can be?

The shower heads are not very expensive. You can check out the list and find out which one is within your budget. Our product list has every detail of the features discussed. You can check the prices and act accordingly. These shower heads are not very expensive, but if you can increase your budget a bit, then it will be a worthy investment.

9. Should I check the warranty of the products?

You need to check the warranty of the product before you make the purchase. Some of the products have a really excellent lifetime warranty. For example, a lifetime warranty on this shower head will allow you to get a supreme performance of the product for a prolonged period.

10. What happens if my shower head malfunctions suddenly?

If your shower head starts malfunctioning suddenly, then you can contact the customer care of the company. The companies have exclusive teams of customer care support. Therefore, you can quickly launch a complaint about the issue of the shower head. The efficient teams will work accordingly and instantly to solve the problem.

11. Should I check the return policy?

Every company has a separate return policy. If you see that the delivered product is faulty or has any serious defect, you can follow the return policy. The policy is not very complicated, and you can follow the steps to get the faulty product exchanged and get a new one.

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

If you want to get the best handheld shower heads in 2022, you have to be sure about the features of the product. The first thing that you need to be sure about is the material of the shower head.

Apart from that, you should also know about the rubber nozzles, detachable features, water-saving modes, spray settings, and other essential aspects of the shower head to make the purchase.

A handheld shower head is beneficial for you due to a lot of reasons. But, first, bring any one of the shower heads home and get it installed; you can give a total makeover to your bathroom.

Your small bathroom of the small apartment will look elegant and beautiful when you get one of the great handheld shower heads installed.

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