The MavSoho.Com is a review website of the shower heads and shower accessories to ensure that your shower is relaxing, revitalizing, and amazing. At the same time, I deliver many informative and unique guide to install, fix, DIY, and much more to your shower heads and shower accessories.

Me (Brielle Stewart) and my hardworking team research the top shower heads and shower accessories for more than 100+ hours/article and then made the list of the top ones to make your showerhead buying process smooth. To help our valuable and precious visitors to find products themselves, our team has added all the kinds of stuff to be considered before buying so that our visitors won’t get confused in selecting the right product.

The Women Behind “MavSoho” Website

Brielle Stewart

Mavsoho AuthorI am a full-time professional architect who is passionate about all kinds of stuff design and construction. Now I share my advice and experience in the architecture and home improvement industries. In MAV SoHo I recommend the best shower heads and shower accessories to help you achieve your goals and simply get the job done at an affordable cost.

About Our New Ownership

Previously, this domain (MavSoho.Com) was a restaurant website in which the previous owners used to post food and hotels kinds of stuff. Now, the ownership has changed, We’ve acquired the domain (MAV SoHo) using auctions for a premium price.

Although we get a few messages from the visitors who still visit the site thinking that it is still under the previous owners, we have nothing to do with the previous owners.

Not only this domain every domain in this world needs renewal after its expiry. So the previous owners were not able to renew the domain. It showed up in auctions and we acquired it.

If you have any queries or doubt then please feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you.