8 Best Bathroom Fans to Keep Your Home Fresh and Odor-Free

Bathroom Fans

If your bathroom isn’t properly ventilated, you risk structural and surface-level damage. Too much humidity can lead to a variety of problems such as cracked paint, peeling wallpaper, and warped cabinetry.

Excessive moisture in your bathroom not only encourages the development of mold on drywall and caulking but also jeopardizes indoor air quality. The optimal bathroom fan will successfully get rid of surplus humidity while defending against water damage, eliminating foggy mirrors and bad odors.

With a plethora of options available – from basic models to those boasting extra features such as lighting, heating systems and motion sensors – it can be overwhelming when you’re looking for the best fan. To help guide your decision-making process, have a read through this article and check out our recommended products below!

8 Best Bathroom Fans Reviews

1. Broan-NuTone Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan – BEST OVERALL

 Broan-NuTone Heavy Duty Ventilation Fan

This Broan-NuTone model is ideal for illuminating moisture, odor, and mildew buildup in rooms up to 80 square feet.

This Home Ventilating Institute (HVI)-certified fan provides an airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with a whisper-quiet 2.5 sones rating.

It’s great for anyone searching for the best bathroom exhaust fan that also includes lighting—it supports the installation of a 100-watt incandescent bulb sheltered behind shatterproof glass coverings.

This model is designed with an innovative GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) branch circuit that guarantees maximum durability and a longer lifespan. Installation is straightforward, thanks to the included keyholed mounting brackets and tapered polymeric duct fitting.

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan and light
  • Airflow: 80 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small and medium-sized bathrooms

2. Broan-NuTone Ceiling and Wall Ventilation– BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK

Broan-NuTone Ceiling and Wall Ventilation

Broan-NuTone’s 50-CFM model provides you with high quality at an unbeatable price.

Despite its 4-sone rating, which means it runs louder than some other models, this fan effectively rids bathrooms up to 50 square feet of steam and moisture without any unnecessary frills.

Plus, it will save you money!

This bathroom ventilation fan features a white polymeric grill that can be painted to perfectly match your desired aesthetic. What’s more, installation is incredibly simple; the torsion springs grille mounting requires no tools and allows it to fit in any ceiling with just a 3-inch duct connection.

If you’d prefer exterior wall installation – this model makes that possible too! Plus, its permanently lubricated motor guarantees lasting reliability for years of use.

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan only
  • Airflow: 50 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small bathrooms

3. Broan-NuTone Exhaust Fan, Heater, and Light – UPGRADE PICK

Broan-NuTone Exhaust Fan, Heater, and Light

Broan-NuTone’s bathroom fan is the perfect choice for those seeking a powerful and efficient ventilation system. This model offers an impressive 70 CFM rating, meaning it can be used to ventilate bathrooms of up to 70 square feet while also providing heat with its 1,500-watt heating element.

Plus, you can lighten up your space with the four-function wall switch that allows you to use bulbs of up to 100 watts in addition to the included 7-watt nightlight (bulb sold separately). With this device, you’ll have everything needed for a comfortable bath or late-night visits!

This high-performing bathroom fan is rated at 3.5 sones, and the model was designed to be extremely user-friendly for both experts and those DIYers who prefer to tackle projects on their own. To make things even easier, every part necessary for installation comes conveniently packaged in the fan box!

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan, light, heater
  • Airflow: 70 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small bathrooms

4. Kaze Appliance Bathroom Exhaust Fan– BEST QUIET

Kaze Appliance Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you’re seeking a super quiet fan, then Kaze Appliance’s model ought to be your top selection. It is one of the most hushed bathroom exhaust fans available, giving off an unbelievable 0.9-sone rating and a nearly inaudible experience when running!

Not only does it run almost soundlessly, but it also uses energy efficiently with its 90 CFM output for rooms under 90 square feet.

Plus, this whisper-quiet fan includes an 11-watt LED light, as well as 2 watts, LED nightlight rated for 30 thousand hours of use – providing illumination and convenience all at once!

This Energy Star–certified model is constructed with only the highest-quality components, including a permanently lubricated motor for guaranteed dependable and sustained usage.

Setting up this system couldn’t be easier – adjustable mounting brackets and 4 or 6-inch duct options make installation effortless while allowing you to configure your product conveniently.

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan and light
  • Airflow: 90 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small and medium-sized bathrooms

5. Hunter Victorian Decorative Bathroom Fan– BEST DECORATIVE

Hunter Victorian Decorative Bathroom Fan

This Hunter decorative bathroom fan stands out from the rest with its classic Victorian-style chrome, porcelain, and white glass dome design.

Its 90 CFM output ensures it can conquer any humidity levels and odors in even smaller bathrooms!

With a 2.5 sone rating, you’ll enjoy comfort knowing that air is being circulated effectively to keep your room dry and inviting all day long.

Depending on individual needs and preferences, users can elect to connect the light and fan to a single switch or wire them separately. All necessary components for installing this flush-mount fan are provided by the manufacturer. Easy maintenance is allowed with the removal of chrome finial and glass cover when required for cleanings or bulb-changing purposes.

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan and light
  • Airflow: 90 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small and medium-sized bathrooms

6. Delta Electronics Exhaust Light and Heater Bath Fan – BEST WITH HEATER

Delta Electronics Exhaust Light and Heater Bath Fan

This Delta Electronics fan is the perfect solution for bathrooms up to 80 square feet with its powerful 80-CFM rating, thanks to its inbuilt heating element. With a built-in thermostat, you can easily control your desired temperature level.

Keep in mind though that since this fan features a heater, it needs to be wired into an exclusive electrical circuit for safety reasons.

This fan operates quietly at a gentle 1.5 sones, while the included LED light will beautifully complement your existing bathroom lighting. The corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction and durable DC brushless motor make this product long-lasting so you can enjoy it for years to come – plus installation is made easy with its detachable 4-inch duct adapter!

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan, light, heater
  • Airflow: 80 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small and medium-sized bathrooms

7. Delta Electronics GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan – BEST FOR HUMIDITY

Delta Electronics GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan

The Delta Electronics GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan boasts a humidity sensor that can detect when bathroom moisture levels become too high, prompting the CFM output to adjust.

You can even program exactly what humidity level you want it to keep your bathroom at – from 50% up to 80%.

This Energy Star-certified bathroom fan operates at an incredibly low 1.4 sones, so quiet that you may not even hear it running! To ensure the operation of the fan, a helpful indicator light is located beneath the grille for your convenience.

Save yourself money and reduce utility bills with this energy-efficient system – perfect for any peaceful bathroom environment!

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan only
  • Airflow: 100 CFM
  • Ideal for: Small and medium-sized bathrooms

8. Kaze Appliance Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan – BEST FOR LARGE BATHROOMS

Kaze Appliance Ultra Quiet Bathroom Fan

The Kaze Appliance bathroom exhaust fan is an incredibly powerful choice that can rid moisture and odors from bathrooms up to 150 square feet in size, with a remarkable CFM output of 150.

Additionally, the fan features an 11-watt LED light for soft illumination without excessive noise thanks to its 0.5 sone rating – making it nearly silent!

Keep in mind, however, this may not be enough lighting if you’re using it as your sole source of light in the bathroom.

With adjustable heavy-duty triple-point mounting brackets and universal installation options, this model allows for long-term use in nearly any environment. What’s more, the brushless motor is permanently lubricated to guarantee operation at low temperatures and multiple humidity levels without sacrificing durability.

Product Specs

  • Style: Fan and light
  • Airflow: 150 CFM
  • Ideal for: Large bathrooms

Buying Guide

When searching for the optimal bathroom exhaust fan, remember to consider multiple elements. First and foremost, check its airflow capacity, energy efficiency, and noise levels. However, take other factors into account as well such as installation simplicity, the versatility of use, and design aesthetics that will complement your space’s decor.

Airflow Capacity

When buying a bathroom exhaust fan, start by looking at the product’s CFM rating. The higher the number is listed on its box, the more air it can move in 1 minute – making it ideal for larger bathrooms with even bigger square footage requirements. To make an informed decision, ensure that your chosen fan has a minimum CFM rating equal to or greater than your bathroom’s square feet measurements; if you have a 50 sq ft room get a 50-CFM rated fan and likewise increase accordingly as needed!

For an exact result, measure the size of your bathroom and apply this formula: Length x Width x Height x 0.13 = Suggested CFM Rating. Let’s suppose that your restroom is 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet high – multiplying these numbers together gives you 83.2 when multiplied by 0.13; in such a scenario, an 80 CFM rating fan should be more than enough for the room!

Energy Efficiency

When purchasing a bathroom fan, be sure to consider energy efficiency as you would with any other electrical product. Fans that are energy efficient utilize less electricity than others, resulting in monthly cost savings and making an impact on the environment.

Energy Star certifications are a great way to recognize and purchase efficient models. Ceiling fans that display the Energy Star seal have an average energy consumption of 70 percent less than other brand-name fans. Similarly, bathroom fan manufacturers must meet precise standards in terms of sound levels and airflow performance before they can receive the prestigious Energy Star certification.


Don’t settle for a bathroom fan with just the basics; choose one that offers more than ventilation. Look into models equipped with these useful features:

  • Consider a bathroom fan with an integrated light to simplify installation. This type of fixture can replace your existing one, as it utilizes the same wiring setup without any hassle.
  • Night lights provide a reassuring radiance to help any late-night wanderers find their way safely to the restroom.
  • For enhanced convenience and ease of use, certain bathroom fans are outfitted with motion sensors; these detectors switch on the fan’s light when they sense movement in the room.
  • Fans with integrated humidity sensors are designed to switch on when the humidity levels exceed a pre-determined cutoff, providing you with reliable protection against potential harm caused by excess moisture.
  • On cold days and chilly baths, built-in heaters can create a warm and cozy atmosphere while also providing natural ventilation.


Aesthetics are essential when selecting a bathroom fan. Think about the overall style of your restroom and pick one that will complement its decor. One key factor to take into account is the color of the fan – whilst most are white, there are covers available for certain models that you can paint yourself in order to make it blend with your ceiling or walls!

Other bathroom fans boast a range of decorative fixtures to add flair and style to your space. Some may include interchangeable finials or trim with various finishes such as white, chrome, nickel, and brass. Additionally, some models have hanging pendant lights that can further elevate the aesthetics of the room or other intricate designs for an eye-catching look!


When shopping for a bathroom exhaust fan, it’s essential to consider the noise rating in sones. The quietest fans available are usually found with ratings between 0.5 and 0.6; the lower this number is (which can generally be located on the product packaging), the quieter your fan will function when running!

A sones rating of 1 is comparable to the noise level of a peaceable refrigerator, which makes any fan with this rating one of the most silent bathroom exhaust fans available. Conversely, at a higher end on the scale; anything above 4 sones may be so loud that it could even overpower someone’s singing in the shower!

If you are looking for a particularly quiet bathroom fan, then 6-inch ducting and attachment is the way to go! Not only does it provide more room for air movement than its 4-inch counterpart but also makes sure that your fan doesn’t have to work as hard. As such, say goodbye to sound disturbances while still enjoying all the benefits of an effective ventilation system.


To prevent mold-related problems in the attic, it’s important to ensure that moisture-filled air from your bathroom is vented outdoors. While some opt for releasing exhaust into an attic, this setup isn’t recommended since excess humidity can lead to a plethora of issues. Venting your bathroom fan directly outside proves to be the most effective solution.

  • If your bathroom is on the ground level of a multi-story home, it’s possible to vent out air using an exterior wall. This requires the installation of a ceiling fan, through which you must run ducting via the ceiling joists. By doing this, you can ensure efficient and effective ventilation for your restroom space!
  • For any bathroom located underneath the attic, the optimal solution is to reroute the vented air through cabling, either into a soffit at the roof’s edge or out of an exhaust pipe in your ceiling. This will help direct fresh oxygen from outside directly up into your attic space without compromising indoor air quality.

If it is not practical to run ducting between the joists, and if your bathroom has at least one wall that faces outside, then you can install a wall-mounted fan that will quickly discharge the exhaust out of the side of your home.

Installing a bathroom fan can be tricky, and the optimal spot is usually between your bathtub or shower and toilet where nothing obstructs it like joists or piping. Preferably, use the same location as the old fan; if you’re changing multiple fans for larger bathrooms, consider installing two of them to ventilate effectively. Don’t forget that some features in these fans such as lights, heaters and night lamps could require additional wires or even an exclusive circuit to work properly.

Types of Bathroom Fans

Before you can make an informed, educated decision about which bathroom exhaust fan is the best for your needs, it’s critical to consider the two types that exist: ceiling fans and in-line fans. Both come with their benefits and drawbacks so be sure to weigh these before committing!

Ceiling Fans

bathroom Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans get their name from being installed in the ceiling of your bathroom. An air intake vent is placed directly above the fan so that it can draw fresh air into the space, which then escapes through a roof vent on either side.

This process creates suction and ensures that your room will be well-ventilated at all times.

Ceiling fans are the ultimate solution when it comes to replacing an existing overhead or vanity light, and some even come with lights already attached. Plus, they’re typically easier to install compared to in-line fans as their size and weight restrict installation options somewhat.

Nonetheless, you may experience more noise and vibration due to its proximity to your bathroom since ceiling fans always hang directly above them.

In-Line Fans

VIVOSUN Inline Fan with Speed Controller

In-line fans are typically installed in the attic or a place slightly away from the bathroom. With this setup, one must install a vent with ductwork that leads to the exhaust fan for increased distance between it and the ceiling of your restroom.

This action not only reduces noise and shaking but also permits you to include multiple vents connected to one single fan if you have an expansive washroom that requires extra ventilation.

An in-line fan offers more flexibility when it comes to the size and power of a bathroom exhaust.

With this type of fan, shoppers don’t have to limit themselves due to space restrictions in the ceiling directly above their bathroom – they can opt for larger and stronger fans that would otherwise be too large or powerful.

However, compared with installing a ceiling fan, setting up an inline one requires more time and effort for ductwork installation.