6 Best Pot Filler Faucet – Top Rated for Quality and Value

If you’re looking for a high-quality faucet that has the power to transform your kitchen, you’ll love the selection of pots filler faucets. It designed with style to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, these faucets come with a variety of options and features to make cooking easier than ever.

A pot filler kitchen faucet is an interesting specialty kitchen fixture that makes it easy to fill pots on the stove. This type of faucet placement is usually affixed near a stove or range, making it more convenient for this type of task.

The pot filler faucet is a new technology that uses up to three gallons of water per minute and has been creating a lot of buzz on the market because of its convenience.

While other faucets may be hard to fill, a pot faucet is designed with a swivel feature that makes it easy and quick. This faucet is also made of durable materials for a long lasting product.

Pot filler faucets are a big help when preparing food, especially if you’re in a rush. These faucets can fold back against the wall and they come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re also easy to install, so it won’t take much effort to get one installed in your kitchen.

We have compiled a list of the top seven best kitchen sink pot filler faucets for your convenience.

6 Best Pot Filler Faucet Reviews

1. Moen S665SRS Modern Wall Mount Swing Arm Folding Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Moen S665SRS Modern Wall Mount Swing Arm Folding Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet


This Moen S665SRS pot filler model is a practical and well-designed faucet that has been made to be easy to clean. It is also a very attractive piece, with its brushed and muted finish that discourages stains.

The Moen faucet is built from materials that will never rust and provide reliable performance for years to come. It has a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed for your purchase.

The two handle design is another great feature of this model. With a large stove, reaching the far burners can be difficult. This model has a dual joint so it can easily expand horizontally and vertically.

2. KOHLER K-99270-VS Artifacts Pot Filler

KOHLER K-99270-VS Artifacts Pot Filler


Kohler’s 99270-VS Artifacts Pot Filler is perfect for filling and serving your favorite dishes. The exterior is made of top-quality, long-lasting stainless steel, while the interior features a durable finish that won’t peel or chip.

This faucet is definitely a smart purchase. It saves time by filling large vessels quickly with its 4 GPM water flow and is also space-saving with its discreet wall mount instead of countertop mount. With two handles, you can operate this faucet where ever your pots and pans are placed.

Along with the Kohler brand name, you get a lifetime limited warranty. This guarantee of quality can ease your mind when spending the extra cash for this elegant model. Its understated stainless steel finish is easy to keep clean, and it looks professional.

The Kohler brand name is synonymous with quality, and with this limited lifetime warranty, you can be sure that this model will provide you with years of worry-free performance.

3. Delta Faucet Traditional Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet

Delta Faucet Traditional Wall-Mount Pot Filler Faucet


The Delta Faucet Traditional is the best choice for a traditional style and is sure to give you years of reliable performance. It features a wide range of motion for easy filling and cleaning. It’s also affordable, which makes it appropriate for those on a budget or who don’t have much money to spend!

This faucet has a limited lifetime warranty which can reassure you when purchasing. This unit has 11″ of vertical clearance for faster filling speeds. It has four gallons per minute water flow to let you provide great service with less wait time.

This faucet is mounted with a single hole configuration, which makes it easy to use on the wall. However, your kitchen might need both hot and cold water at the same time because of this fixture. This is why you should double check if your home needs this kind of design before purchasing it.

4. Kraus KPF-1603BG Artec Pro 2-Function Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Spring Spout and Pot Filler

Kraus KPF-1603BG Artec Pro 2-Function Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Spring Spout and Pot Filler


The Kraus Gold Collection is a reflection on the classic beauty and elegance of the American kitchen. The faucets are designed to work well with a variety of sinks, while being able to hold up in high-pressure environments. With Kraus, you don’t have to choose between functionality and style–you can enjoy both.

With these two features together, much space can be saved in your kitchen. This faucet is also a countertop mount, which can save you from any expensive plumbing modifications that a wall mount pot filler faucet may require.

The price of this faucet is less when compared to others, but it also brings you a sink, sprayer and pot filler. The water flow on the handle is adjustable depending on what task you are trying to do.

This faucet offers 2.2 gallons of water per minute, which is less than other models on this list that offer 2.5 GPM or more. The sprayer head retracts through a magnetic device, and it can come in handy when washing dishes.

5. Delta Faucet Contemporary Wall-Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Contemporary Wall-Mount Pot Filler Kitchen Faucet


With all the features and benefits you can find in a faucet, it can be hard to pick just one. However, if you’re looking for a sleek design and quality performance, this Delta faucet is one of the best choices on this list.

It comes with dual control handles which allow you to turn the water on and off at the wall mount or spout. It’s one of the sleekest models on this list.

This pot filler is 24 inches in height when fully extended and can accommodate most stoves and ranges.

Delta is a brand that gives customers confidence in their purchases because of the lifetime limited warranty. They help provide peace of mind as well.

The champagne bronze finish has a less flashy, golden tone that is more elegant than brass and you can still tell. The handles are just as easy to maintain as ever before because they have been crafted with care.

The faucet features a modern, wall-mounted design with one single hole and comes with full manufacturer’s installation instructions. It is a great addition to any contemporary home that can match the current fixtures & appliances of today.

This faucet is made to be installed into any wall with a single hole and comes with full manufacturer’s installation instructions.

6. Lordear Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount Commercial Kitchen Pot Filler Faucet

Lordear Pot Filler Faucet Wall Mount Commercial Kitchen Pot Filler Faucet


If you’re looking for a stovetop pot filler faucet that is budget-friendly and easy to install, this Lordear model might be perfect for you. It has a 19 inch reach when fully extended, making it perfect for the average kitchen sink.

The faucet is made from brass construction with a finish that resembles brushed nickel. Inside, the faucet has ceramic cartridges that will never rust or corrode. They will ensure that all the joints and handles turn and swivel smoothly.

The faucet is a unique and beautiful design that will look great in any kitchen. The brass construction is sturdy and long-lasting while the brushed nickel finish will complement any decor. The ceramic cartridges inside are resistant to corrosion so your faucet will last for years to come!

This brand is one of the most reliable and durable that you can buy. The company is offering a limited lifetime warranty, so you know your purchase will last. The single hole wall mount design is ideal for cold water flow only, and it’s easy to install.

One of the more interesting attributes of this faucet is its unique design that is both attractive and easy to use. It also comes in a variety of finishes and provides a good user experience overall.

The inside of this faucet is designed to prevent leaks or dripping. It’s lead-free and safe to use. Its lower price will be great for you if you want a pot filler at home.

Buying Guide


All kitchen faucets, like pot fillers, come in two main types: wall-mounted or countertop-mounted. Deciding which type you should go with depends on where your water line is and what placement you find more convenient.

Wall-mounted sinks provide a lot more utility than regular faucets. They are usually located near the stove or range area so they do not take up too much space in your kitchen. That is why so many people choose to go with wall-mounted sinks instead of other options like countertops and tabletop models.

Wall-mounted faucets are often more versatile because they are positioned above the stove or range area. This feature can make them easier to fold away, especially if you have tall pots or pans that may need a little more height clearance.

Countertop mounted pot filler faucets, often called deck mounts, can be a little more sturdier than wall mounts because they connect directly to the counter top. If you have a large work area around your stove, this mount is perfect for you.

GPM Capability

GPM is a measurement of faucet water flow. This measurement can also be frequently used to determine the pressure. The higher the GPM, the more water is being pushed out of the faucet.

GPM is important for faucets that can pull water into a bigger clay (pot) sink. This is because the typical faucet in a kitchen sink has a lower GPM so it doesn’t overwhelm the drain.

However, when filling up your pots with water, drainage is not an issue. Therefore, you may want to consider a pot filler spigot with a higher GPM capacity. If that’s the case then you would need to decide on one that has several extra high ratings in order to shorten your wait time.

Color and Finishes

Kitchen faucets come in a variety of finishes which allows you to find one that matches your taste and decor. The colors and styles are generally more practical than adorned, but they can still blend well with other pieces in your home.

Stainless steel, brass, copper, chrome and more. These finishes are just a few of the options for kitchen faucets. Because these types of faucets are practical as well as beautiful, they can come in a variety of colors to fit your decorating style.

The best kitchen faucet is the one that looks like it belongs in your kitchen. Many people want to get a pot filler with a more exotic color, but if you have an older kitchen, you may want to keep it simple and blend in with the current décor.


The most important feature of a pot filler is its ability to swivel,move, and reach the items it needs to fill. Most faucets of this type are jointed and have movable parts that allow you to position the faucet in any way. This movement allows for easier access as well as better water flow when filling pots or pans.

When buying a faucet for your home, you should take into account what size of pots & pans the cookware that you have. If you have pots or pans with high sides, you will need a faucet that can vertically stretch to accommodate. Otherwise, if your stovetop is large, get one that can reach all the pots and pans on front burners.

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