The Best Cast Iron Bathtubs of 2022: Reviews and Guides

When it comes to bathtubs, there are many different materials that you can choose from. Acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain are all popular options, but cast iron is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners. Cast iron is known for its durability and its classic look. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best cast iron bathtubs of 2022. We will also be providing reviews and guides to help you make the best decision for your home!

Reviews of the best cast iron bathtubs


1. Kohler Iron Works Historic Freestanding Oval Bath

This Iron Works bath measures 66 inches long and 36 inches wide, making it ideal for both classic and Victorian-style bathing. It has ornate ball-and-claw feet to give it an antique appearance. This freestanding tub is built with built-in support and a 36-inch width that makes it easy to use. There’s also a Safeguard slip-resistant surface on this tub.


This bathtub features a classic design that will bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom. It is crafted from Kohler enameled cast iron for a durable and lasting experience. The extra 36 inch width provides ample room for a comfortable soaking experience.

It is available in an array of colors so you can create the perfect look to match your style. Additionally, it features molded lumbar support for extra bathing comfort and comes with a slip-resistant surface for safety.

2. Maykke Rosa Clawfoot Soaking Bathtub

This Rosa clawfoot soaking tub has a beautiful vintage style that goes with any decor. It also includes a drain and overflow assembly to prevent spills and flooding, in addition to a polished cast iron construction. It also has ball and claw foot detail, giving it an elegant look that is distinct from the competition.

MaykkeRosa Clawfoot Soaking Bathtub

This tub has a luxurious, vintage design that will class up any bathroom. Overflow and drainage protection is included for your peace of mind. It’s made of polished cast iron with ball and claw feet chrome detailing, and the exterior is metallic to create a striking visual counterpoint. The foot length is adjustable to help keep the tub level on uneven floors.

3. Bellwether Raphael Cast Iron Bathtub

The Bellwether model, which is made of enameled cast iron and has a contemporary design and industry standard size of 60″ * 30,” is available in a clean style that looks great in most bathrooms. Its sleek appearance complements most bathrooms. It has a low step-over threshold for simple access and egress, as well as broad ledges for extra storage. We adore this bathroom because it is environmentally friendly since it is manufactured from 80% recycled material.

Bellwether Raphael Cast Iron Bathtub

The wide ledges on this bathtub provide ample space for storing towels and toiletries, while the slip-resistant surface prevents you from slipping when getting in or out of the tub. The 14-inch step-over threshold makes it easy to get in and out of the tub, and the integral apron allows for easy installation into an alcove. This bathtub also features clean lines that create an exceptional bathing experience. It is guaranteed not to crack, chip, or flex over time.

4. Toto Enameled Soaking Bath

Toto Enameled Soaking Bath

This 60” * 30” Toto soaking bathtub is made from enameled cast iron, making it incredibly strong and long-lasting. Its slip-resistant surface adds an extra layer of safety to your experience while also allowing for easy entry and exit.


The enameled cast iron construction makes it much more durable then other brands, and the drop-in styling gives your bathroom an elegant look. The slip-resistant surface is perfect for families with small children or elderly parents. The apron front allows it to match any bathroom decor easily, and the right hand drain is convenient for most people.

5. Cheviot Soaking Bathtub

The Cheviot Products soaking tub is one of the most beautiful drop-in bathtubs on the market. Its grade AA titanium construction gives it a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom. It has more stain resistant finishes than other brands, so you can count on them for many years to come.

Cheviot Soaking Bathtub

The construction of this product uses only the highest grade of AA titanium, making it more durable than other similar products. Additionally, its features include adjustable feet and a flat rim. Lastly, because it is made of a hard and less porous material, this product is longer lasting.

Bathtub Material: Fiberglass Vs. Cast Iron

With all of the different types of bathtub materials available, it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. However, by taking a few factors into consideration, you can easily make an informed decision. If you’re stuck between two options, this guide will help point you in the right direction.

  • Shape and Features

Fiberglass is a more versatile and moldable material than cast iron. When choosing a fiberglass tub, you have many different options in terms of features and shapes, such as molded seats, cradling shape, headrests, armrests, and drink holders.

There are a few other kinds of fiberglass tubs. They may be equipped with matching wall panels or even a tub-shower combination, which is rather uncommon. Cast iron tubs with special functions such as handles and jets are available, but this might be costly.

  • Construction

The construction of bathtubs is quite different between fiberglass and cast iron. The quality of fiberglass bathtubs is determined by the type of material used in their construction. A molded fiberglass base is coated with acrylic (gel coat) on Fiberglass Bathtubs. The gel coat gives the acrylic bathtub its color and protective finish. Fiberglas, which has a thickness of ⅜ inch, is lightweight.

Cast iron bathtubs are created from a mold of cast iron, then coated with three layers of enamel on the interior and exterior. With a thickness of 3/8 inches, this material is heavier than fiberglass but we love how resource-efficient it is because 80 percent recycled materials are used in its creation..

  • Floor Structure

Another major aspect to consider when selecting between the two bathtubs is the tub’s base. Concrete surfaces provide the greatest support for cast iron baths, which are rather hefty. However, you should select your bathtub material depending on the sort of flooring you have.

In order to figure out the real weight of the cast iron, add the dry weight of the tub, water weight when full, and body weight of the user. If you’re not sure what kind of tub to choose for your floor, consult with an engineer or a professional builder.

  • Cost and Maintenance

Cost-wise, fiberglass bathtubs are less expensive initially than cast iron tubs. But over time, they may require more maintenance in the form of resealing and can be pricier overall. Additionally, fiberglass tubs aren’t as sturdy as their cast iron equivalents.

Installation of a cast iron tub, especially a classic clawfoot tub, can be quite expensive. Yet they are worth the investment as they are long lasting and can withstand ordinary wear and tear. If you love copper bathtubs for their durability, then you’ll love cast iron bathtubs even more as they only get better with age.

  • Thud Factor

Cast iron is a wonderful choice for a solid with a thud factor since it is more solid than fiberglass, which is made of plastic and resin. A cast-iron skillet is an excellent example of a cast iron with a decent thud factor.


All of the nine cast iron bathtubs are fantastic and a wonderful way to unwind after a challenging day. The Kohler K-837-0 Bellwether Cast Iron Bathtub, on the other hand, is the greatest cast iron bathtub and surpasses them all. An integrated apron and low threshold make this tub simple to get into and out of, measuring 60” * 30” in diameter. It has extra broad ledges compared to others in order to provide plenty of storage area.