10 Best Brushed Brass Kitchen Faucet

Brushed Brass Kitchen Faucet is an all-in-one kitchen faucet that has a chrome finish, which makes it look more modern and stylish.

It is a range of kitchen faucets that are available in different finishes, from brushed brass to polished chrome with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use.

Most importantly, it offers a sleek look that is meant to complement your kitchen without looking overly ostentatious. It can also be used as a decoration piece for the kitchen or bathroom.

In this post, we have listed the 10 best-brushed brass kitchen faucets to help you choose one that suits your taste and budget.

10 Best Brushed Brass Kitchen Faucet

1. Kraus KPF-2620BB Oletto Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-2620BB Oletto Kitchen FaucetKraus KPF-2620BB Oletto Kitchen Faucet can be used in any standard kitchen faucets. It has a durable stainless steel construction, as well as an anti-oxidation coating, which makes them super resistant to bacteria and germs.

It has a streamlined silhouette that coordinates with any kitchen sink, with a dual-function spray head for maximum efficiency. This faucets has an ergonomic design, which makes them easy to use and set up.

It has a unique design, which makes it stand out from the rest of the faucets on the market. This Kraus KPF-2620BB Oletto Kitchen Faucet is a popular product and has many positive reviews on Amazon.com.


  • Brushed bronze finish
  • Durable lifelong finish
  • Reach pulldown technology
  • Dual-function sprayer

2. KRAUS KPF-1691BB Britt Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucet

KRAUS KPF-1691BB Britt Commercial-Style Kitchen FaucetKPF-1691BB is a commercial-style pull-down kitchen faucet that offers a perfect solution for any kitchen. This faucet has been designed to be both durable and easy to use. It has an easy-retract hose with swivel adapter which offers a maximum spray head maneuverability.

It also secures a docking arm that supports the spray head when not in use. This faucets is featuring a KRAUS Spot-Free Stainless Steel finish that resist fingerprints, water spots, and fading for a flawless-looking kitchen centerpiece that requires minimal maintenance.


  • Commercial pulldown design
  • High arc spout
  • Heavy-duty spout rotates 360°
  • Soft rubber spray holes

3. Arofa, Gold Kitchen Faucet brushed brass faucet

Arofa, Gold Kitchen Faucet brushed brass faucetGold Kitchen Faucets is a new kitchen faucet designed by Arofa. It’s  specifically designed to fit into a small kitchen, such as a compact bathroom. It can also be able to facilitate the flow of the water efficiently.

This faucet is easy to install, and its appearance makes it look well-designed without being too trendy. It’s made from stainless steel, and is available in a wide range of colors.


  • Smooth-docking Technology
  • Single Handle Faucet
  • Top-Quality Ceramic Cartridge
  • Pre-installed Supply Lines
  • 3/8”male to 1/2”female adapters (ASIN: B08VRGVFMS) are available on our Amazon store.

4. HVNVN Gold Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

HVNVN Gold Pull Down Kitchen FaucetHVNVN Gold Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is an innovative new kitchen faucet that offers a unique design and superior functionality. This pull-down faucet is made from steel and chrome-plated brass. It is also made from a high-quality ergonomic design. The design allows you to pull down the entire faucet handle, which makes it easier to wash your hands.

It has a classic kitchen faucet that is widely used in every kitchens, baths, and other areas where it would be useful. It is lightweight, easy to install, and works smoothly. It is available in any variety of colors, finishes, and styles. It also makes a good choice when you are looking for an affordable faucet that will last you forever.


  • Dual-mode setting
  • High-Quality Solid Brass Material
  • Breeze clean spray head
  • Solid brass resists fingerprints
  • 2 setting modes (STREAM/ SPRAY)
  • High arc spout for added clearance and reach

5. GIMILI Gold Touchless Kitchen Faucet Brushed Brass

GIMILI Gold Touchless Kitchen Faucet Brushed BrassGIMILI Gold Touchless Kitchen Faucet Brushed Brass is a kitchen faucet that makes washing hands and preparing food a breeze. It has a high-precision, high-sensitivity sensing technology that makes every control accurate. The water will turn off automatically within 3 minutes to prevent children or pets from accidentally entering the sensor area and wasting water.

It includes a sensor that can detect and adjust the temperature of your kitchen. This feature makes it possible for you to switch between different types of water without having to touch anything in the bathroom or kitchen.


  • The lead-free solid brass
  • Pull down sprayer kitchen faucet
  • Reliable quality materials
  • Easy To Install
  • Motion Infrared Sensor Provides Smart Hands-free Touchless Convenience

6. Kraus FF-102BG Allyn Brushed Gold Kitchen Faucet

Kraus FF-102BG Allyn Brushed Gold Kitchen FaucetKraus FF-102BG Allyn Brushed Gold kitchen Faucet is a full-size kitchen faucet. It has been designed for the modern kitchen and features a stylish brushed gold finish with a classic design in the middle. It is made from a stainless steel, features a brushed finish that makes this faucet looking  elegant and stylish.

It has a chrome-plated finish which makes it bright and easy to clean as well as rust-resistant. This faucet is ideal for any modern kitchen as it makes sure that there is no need to replace the faucets on your existing appliances.

It is constructed out from solid brass for a maximum durability. Its a lead-free brass waterways that keep filtered water out of contact with contaminants.


  • Stand-alone beverage faucet
  • Superior quality
  • Single handle faucet
  • ADA compliant design ensures easy and safe access to filtered drinking water.

7. KOHLER REC23863-SD-2MB Motif Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER REC23863-SD-2MB Motif Kitchen FaucetThe Motif Kitchen Faucet has a sleek design with a classically detailed handle. This faucet adds an element of delight to any kitchen. It is a kitchen faucet that uses a series of micro-motors that can turn on and off  the button. This allows your water temperature to change, set different timers and control the flow rate.

It has a matching soap/lotion dispenser with two-function spray head. The faucet also has an integrated timer and a built-in smart control, which can be controlled using both an app and your smartphone.


  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
  • Multi-function Spray Head
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Stainless Finish

8. BESy Brushed Brass Kitchen Faucet

BESy Brushed Brass Kitchen FaucetBESy Brushed Brass Kitchen Faucet is a product that uses BESy technology.  It comes from a high-quality design and a high-end look. This faucet is made with a unique design and the finish of this faucet will really impress you. The brushed brass finish is classy and sophisticated which enhances your kitchen’s style and appearance.

This faucet has an element of privacy as it is not visible while it is attached to the sink. It’s a stylish-looking and durable product which can be used for years to come. This luxury kitchen brand is offering the best quality faucet in the market.


  • High-arch Spout Design with 360-degree Rotation
  • Lead-free Brass construction with superior rust-resistant finish
  • 10″ deck plate included for Single or Three hole installation
  • Brushed Gold-Main Body Material
  • Brass-Spout Materia

9. TRUSTMI 2 Handle 8 Inch Brass brushed kitchen faucet

TRUSTMI 2 Handle 8 Inch Brass brushed kitchen faucetThis TRUSTMI 2 Handle 8 Inch Brass brushed kitchen faucet is constructed from a durable solid brass. It has a massive body to ensure its good performance during daily operation. This product was designed by the manufacturer for users who are looking for a quality kitchen faucet that can help them to clean their dishes easily and efficiently.

The TrustMi 2 Handle 8 Inch Brass brushed kitchen faucet features a smooth finish. It has a flexible handle which is designed for the users to hold it easily. It’s a waterproof designed handle to prevent the remaining water from infiltrating into the valve upside.


  • Brushed Gold Finished
  • Double Handles for Easy Control
  • Solid brass brushed gold 8~16 inch 2-handle high-arc
  • 360° rotatable square spout

10. OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets Commercial Solid Brass

OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets Commercial Solid BrassThe OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets Commercial Solid Brass Faucet Brushed is a brand new design that will provide you with a look that will make your kitchen stand out from the rest. It is made from a premium quality brass that will provide you with an exceptional durability.

The spray holes allow mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look. It has a Multi-Flow-Two-function spray wand, which allows you to easily switch from spray to stream. It’s a spring-loaded design which makes it more easier to install with just  a minimum effort.


  • Premium multiple-layer brushed nickel-coated kitchen faucet
  • Pre-drilled hole size requirement:1.38″-1.5″(max)
  • Pull-Down Commercial Design with Flexible Hose


Is Brass A Good Material For Kitchen Faucets

Brass is by far the best material to invest in. Ideally, both the body and the controls of the faucet should be made of brass. In terms of finish, brushed nickel is exceptionally robust. An additional coating with a material like titanium prevents scratches and tarnishing.

Do Brushed Brass Kitchen Faucets Tarnish

Made from a combination of zinc and copper, brass is found in cookware, jewelry, musical instruments, and home décor. Exposure to oxygen, water, and other elements can cause this popular metal to corrode or tarnish over time.

How Do You Keep Brass Faucets From Tarnishing

Apply linseed or mineral oil to the cleaned brass bathroom fixtures with a soft cloth to prevent tarnishing.


Brushed brass faucets can be used in any type of modern kitchen, including stainless steel ones, as well as in traditional ones. They are also very versatile and can be used in other types of kitchens too. This is because they have very high durability, which means that they can be used for a very long time.

We hope that you found our brushed brass kitchen faucet review helpful. Choose from the list and buy your own now!

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